Why Is The Advocate Turning To David Duke’s Campaign Manager For Political Analysis?

The only people who actually think David Duke is actually a thing are the Louisiana media. They give a guy who is at best 6% in the polls a ton of media coverage.

Louisiana’s largest newspaper, The Advocate, is now even using David Duke’s campaign manager for political analysis. Mark Ballard, who is supposedly one of Louisiana’s most respected political reporters, is actually suggesting Donald Trump needs David Duke on the ballot.

From The Advocate:

“We have said we do not want his support and we do not want the support of people who think like him,” Pence said, but stopped short when asked of calling Duke “deplorable” for the second day in a row.

 Within an hour of Pence’s comments, the Duke Senate campaign renewed its support of Trump’s presidential candidacy.

“In order for Trump to carry the state of Louisiana, he needs the Duke vote,” said Michael Lawrence, Duke’s campaign strategist. “Duke’s and Trump’s fates remain linked together.”

Our Senate race poll last month had David Duke at 6%. The most recent presidential race poll done in Louisiana had Donald Trump crushing Hillary Clinton by 16%. It’s not like Trump needs David Duke’s voters and they’re probably not voting for Hillary anyway.

David Duke is a has been ex-con who offers nothing to most Louisianians. That’s why they’re choosing to back other candidates in this race. This state has moved past David Duke’s racially divisive politics.

The only people who haven’t moved on from David Duke are the Louisiana media who is looking to drive web hits, TV and radio ratings, and sell newspapers. Duke has been very good for their bottom line over the past two and half decades.

But it doesn’t get more absurd than Louisiana’s largest newspaper using David Duke’s campaign manager for political analysis.

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