Here’s a Dose of Encouragement

“Someone has said that when faith is strong, troubles become trifles,” Rev. Billy Graham.

This election season has a lot of Republicans (and Democrats) feeling troubled. Many of us are conflicted, confused and hopeless. When I watched Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the RNC I felt almost empty. I felt like our nation had no future. When I watched Clinton’s acceptance speech I really wanted to throw a brick at my TV and move into an underground hole.

For many months our nation has struggled. We, as a people, are divided and hungry for someone to unite us. Well when I put all of my selfishness aside and realized that the world is not going to end any time soon (I think…), God spoke to me. It sounds cliché and if you’re not a believer it sounds silly. However, I think the message that I heard applies to Republicans, Democrats, believers, non-believers and people of every religion.

Do not give up hope! For Christians, we should never veer from the course on which God has us. We should always remember that every detail of our lives is planned out; God already knows what will happen. The same goes for our nation.

Guess what? God knew that Donald Trump would get nominated. In fact, He planned it that way. This message that I am writing is not to try to convince you to vote or not vote a certain way. It’s simply to tell you to keep joy. Rejoice in knowing that our earthly struggles last no longer than the blink of an eye compared to eternity; and I hope that you know where you’re spending eternity.

Use this election cycle as a lesson. Despite our surroundings and our daily situations and struggles, know that a being so much greater and more powerful than you is in charge. If you keep faith in something that is all-powerful, never-changing and all-knowing (God), then you should have no reason to fret over whom our next president is or the fact that Congress is divided or even the fact that you gained five pounds stressing over the election (maybe more like 10 pounds for me).

My house was flooded in August. I wrote a post about it. For a while, my whole family felt hopeless. My dad’s brothers and my grandmother both got flooded as well. We questioned everything. Why did this have to happen to us? Why did God feel the need to put water over all of our belongings and our home? But as the weeks passed, we realized that we didn’t need to know why we flooded. All we needed to know was that it happened for a reason and that God was in charge of it. And by switching our perspective, by viewing everything as a blessing instead of a hardship, our family gained joy and strength and understanding.

My challenge to you, reader, is to simply find joy in the rest of this election cycle. No matter how many posts you put on Facebook or how many people you piss off with your political views or how many times you cuss at the TV, God’s plan will still prevail. So hold tight, people! You are not in charge and you should not try to be! Find hope in The Lord and HE will make all things new, brighter and better.

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