VIDEO: The Damning PAC Ad Hammering Sharon Weston Broome

Citizens For A Better Baton Rouge, the PAC backing Bodi White, put this spot out earlier this week. It’s generating some buzz…

The Baton Rouge mayoral race is extremely tight (there aren’t any independent polls out on the race, but based on the early voting and other factors it seems tight) and it’s likely to be decided by only a few thousand votes one way or the other.

That’s why the PAC has dumped a pile of money into this ad.

Which is, of course, completely correct. People don’t seem to understand that there is a difference between Kip Holden, the current black Democrat mayor of Baton Rouge who has been a mostly ceremonial figure eager to please the city’s moneyed interests and preserve their status quo, and Sharon Weston Broome.

She isn’t much like Holden. Holden at least paid lip service to the idea of economic development and did things to keep it on the front burner – and at times had a bit of success on that front despite allowing crime, traffic and public education decline during his 12 years in office. That’s not who Broome is. Broome is more your redistributionist urban lefty pol – she has a train of do-nothing hangers-on who expect city jobs, and she’s thrown in with the race hustlers and poverty pimps.

When Gary Chambers is part of the brain trust of a major mayoral candidate, you know you’re going to have a problem.

Broome has said she wants a police chief in Baton Rouge who’s sensitive to the needs of the Black Lives Matter crowd, which means the BRPD is going to become non-functional as a protective force against the hardened criminal element in town. That isn’t a particular problem for white people in Baton Rouge – the white people in town live in nice neighborhoods, sometimes with gates at the main road, they have security and car alarms and guns. White people aren’t all that vulnerable to violent crime, relatively speaking. But the poor black people in the northern part of Baton Rouge who Broome is counting on lots of votes from are exceedingly vulnerable. They’re the ones who get shot. They’re the ones who get robbed when they’re unfortunate enough to have something on hand worth robbing. They’re the ones who get beat up by thugs. And neutering BRPD, which she will do, will only make their lives more hopeless, more adverse. And their stories every day on the six o’clock news will hasten the exit of the middle class to the suburbs.

On and on, until you are Detroit. Or Baltimore. Or Jackson, Mississippi. Or Montgomery, Alabama.

Those white people in the southern part of the parish will create the city of St. George in response to Sharon Weston Broome’s election. You can bet on that. They might not do it if White wins; they’ll at least hold off long enough to see if he can make good on some of his promises.

But the choice here is clear. Like the ad says, it’s all on the line. Baton Rouge can choose life, or it can choose death. We’ll know what it chooses Saturday night.

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