LSU Says The Bayou Bridge Pipeline Will Be Good For Louisiana’s Economy

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline will be a boost to the Louisiana economy, according to a new study released by LSU. Dr. Gregory Upton, who is the Assistant Professor at the LSU Center for Energy Studies found that the project will generate $829 million in new economic activity in 2017.

In addition, the pipeline will create more than 4,000 jobs and generate $56 million in much-needed tax revenue for state and local governments.

“The Bayou Bridge Pipeline will help expand Louisiana’s energy economy by creating jobs and leveraging existing in-state energy infrastructure such as refineries, processing and storage assets,” said Professor David Dismukes in a press release. “When completed, the Bayou Bridge Pipeline will further diversify Louisiana’s crude oil supplies and provide new growth in both the immediate and long-terms.”

Among those jobs created are steelworkers at the Stupp Corporation. The company won the contract to build the pipeline and was able to keep its workers employed through the holiday season until it was able to pick up additional contracts. Those were families that had still paychecks coming in during a very expensive time of the year.

The pipeline will also connect Louisiana’s refineries to the oil shale fields in Texas and the Midwest. This will keep Louisiana refineries relevant as oil production continues to decline in the state. It will also keep the high-paying jobs those refineries produce.

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline has come under opposition from Luddite imbeciles who are opposed to Louisiana’s energy industry. They claim to oppose the pipeline for environmental reasons and because they want cleaner energy. However, they have not proposed any realistic alternatives.

Oil and gas are going to continue to power modern society, heat and cool our homes, and enhance our quality of life. The only question is do we want it transported safely through pipelines or do we want to use unsafe modes of transportation such as trains and trucks.

Today in Napoleonville, there is a public hearing on the pipeline. There will also be a rally in support of the pipeline before the hearing. If you believe in Louisiana jobs, you should be there.



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