John Kennedy Doesn’t Seem Convinced By Mitch Landrieu’s Assertion That NOLA Isn’t A Sanctuary City…

…if he was, we don’t think he would have written this letter to Landrieu yesterday.


The “Thank you, Mitch!” is a nice touch.

Landrieu seems to be playing a cute little semantics game by denying that New Orleans is a sanctuary city. He says that’s not a term with a legal definition and therefore he can weigh in with a denial while standing with the “real” sanctuary city mayors in far-left coastal places like San Francisco and New York. He also denies New Orleans is in violation of Section 1373, but nobody seems to agree with him on that question.

Landrieu and his people don’t seem to have gotten it through their heads that Hillary Clinton lost the election. The Clinton Justice Department would have been happy to entertain this little dance about denials. Trump’s DOJ, which seems actually serious about forcing recalcitrant urban Democrat machine politicos into compliance with federal law, isn’t going to be so coddling. And the administration holds the purse strings on all that federal money – Trump can cripple New Orleans with a stroke of his pen.

He’s playing with fire, and now, thanks to Kennedy, he’s been warned.

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