BATISTE: New Orleans’ “Great Divider” Is Starting To Come Off As Desperate And Crazy

Mitch Landrieu is somewhere back in New Orleans, no one knows where, he may be hiding with his Fire Chief Tim McConnell.  They are employees of New Orleans, they are paid by taxpayer dollars, and taxpayers want them to be held accountable for their actions.

Landrieu sat down with the Times Picayune Editorial Board Thursday and interviewed with The Advocate.  I nailed it weeks ago, the man without a plan is trying to scramble one together.  We’re two years in to this and Mitch has no idea what he wants to do.

Below are quotes from the Times Picayune and Advocate articles that show his desperation and what at times reads like words from a crazy person.  Maybe he disappeared to seek therapy.  We certainly don’t need him out trying to escalate emotions any more. But it sure is fun to see his breakdown documented so well by both of these papers who appear to be holding the Mayor of New Orleans accountable for the state of the city he created.

“Firefighters are part of Homeland Security. That’s actually what they do,” Landrieu said. “So they do take part in the process.”

NOPD was on the scene unmasked, their faces for the world to see.  If, as Mitch said, the Firefighters were at the Liberty removal taking part in the process as members of Homeland Security, WHY WERE THEIR IDENTITIES CONCEALED???  Why were they in bullet proof vests if NOFD was not removing Liberty Place? Why did Landrieu’s Communications people ask news stations to zoom out?

“You might want to go ask yourself why would the union president put the fire chief’s life at risk,” Landrieu said.

You might want to look in the mirror and ask yourself that question, Mitch. If the removal is a life risking move, why would the Mayor direct city employees to in front of that risk?

“You want to talk about the issue of race and geography and whosy-whatsy and all that kind of stuff. I’m just saying there’s a really big issue here on institutional pullback that’s much, much deeper than perhaps we thought.”

Whosy-whatsy?  Cuckoo!  Cuckoo!

“You know them all. You know everybody I’m talking about. And there’s not very many people I’ve not gone to in this city who said ‘Hey, you know, I don’t know, I don’t know. Come talk to me after the monuments are down.’ Essentially they don’t want to get tagged with being anywhere near of being in favor of it.”

Hey you know, I don’t know, I don’t know, this guy is sounding like the mad ramblings of a pathological liar…that may be drunk.

Asked what he would like to see replace the statues, Landrieu described an ornate fountain of water, light and metal that could have Lee Circle renamed “Tricentennial Circle” in time for the city’s 300th anniversary next year.

Will the Mayor be removing the pedestal, pyramid base, and mound?  This keeps getting crazier.  Mardi Gras Fountain meets Lee Circle, sounds more like Mitch and John Cummings are bringing Six Flags to St. Charles Avenue!

“I’ve been disappointed and surprised that this community has torn itself apart,” Landrieu said. “I’m not being defensive here. I didn’t tear the community apart. I raised the issue.”

Read that quote one more time. Mitch may not understand the words he strung together.
Scrambling one sentence, it reads in the real world not the Wacky World of The Great Divider:
I raised the issue.  I’ve been disappointed and surprised that this community has torn itself apart.  I’m not being defensive here.  I didn’t tear the community apart.  I raised the issue.

You sure did, Mitch.  You sure did start the removals and you sure are trying to pretend toppling historic monuments deeply connected to New Orleans is not as toxic for the city as it is.

“If I feel comfortable that we can do it in the light of day and take Robert E. Lee down at noon for the whole world to see, that would be great,” Landrieu said.

If this was such a righteous, community-supported move, why can’t it be in the open? I thought it was decided by the people as The Great Divider sayeth.

“Anybody who anybody has known is involved in this in any way has received threats,” he said.

Not threats, promises.  Promises of business boycott for deconstructing Louisiana history.

“There’s 100 cranes in the city right now. Did you know we’re having a hard time getting a crane right now? Do you know why?” Landrieu asked. “Because people have been calling these folks saying, ‘If you do that, we won’t give you any more business.’ ”

Exactly!  And what is wrong with a boycott?

“I would say very respectfully to the entire Legislature that has a keen interest in this that the state has a much bigger budget and a much bigger swath of land, and if they want to curate these things, they certainly have the time, money and space to do it,” Landrieu said. “So instead of telling us what to do with our land, maybe they ought to … put them wherever they want to.”

Talking budgets, why would the City of New Orleans be concerned about budget?  Mitch said it was an anonymous donor.  WHy would budgets matter?  Oh that’s right, Mitch is paying for this with public money but it’s all in secret so we’ll never know until a U.S. Attorney like Jim Letten steps up.

If Landrieu had initiated a true open discussion about removing Confederate monuments, he could have approached the state at the beginning. But Mitch wanted to be the hero. He wanted to build his legacy upon removing “white supremacist” monuments. Landrieu is building his legacy now, as the Mayor of major crime, bizarre taxes, cowardly unannounced landmark removals, and as the Great Divider of New Orleans.

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