Tasha Clark Amar Is Doing More To Create St. George Than Anyone Else

This legal campaign waged by East Baton Rouge Council On Aging director Tasha Clark Amar against the family of the woman whose estate she attempted to loot looks a lot like a personal implosion.

If we had a more sanguine outlook for the potential of breaking the stranglehold the corrupt cabal of Democrat pols currently in charge of Baton Rouge has on the parish, we might say it’s a possible implosion of the machine as well, but we don’t and we can’t.

In the meantime, Tasha Clark Amar managed to get a gag order against the people she’s suing for defamation. Seriously.

A family that spoke out against Council on Aging Executive Director Tasha Clark Amar has now been silenced by a temporary restraining order that the agency head sought and that City Court Judge Tarvald Smith granted.

Amar filed a defamation lawsuit April 27 in the state’s 19th Judicial District against the family of the late Helen Plummer. The family publicly accused Amar of having coerced their elderly grandmother into leaving the COA director in charge of Plummer’s estate, for which Amar would have received $120,000 over 20 years. Amar withdrew from that role after the media reported on the family’s complaints.

Court documents obtained by The Advocate on Monday show that Amar also filed a separate petition in City Court for a temporary restraining order against the family. A hearing on that matter is scheduled at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

In the meantime, Smith signed an order May 1 that prevents the Plummer family from “abusing, harassing, threatening or molesting” Amar or “interfering in any manner” with Amar’s employment. Additionally, the order says the family cannot go to Amar’s residence or workplace.

Who is Tarvald Smith? Before he got elected as a judge in 2015, he was vice president of the East Baton Rouge Parish School District, and he wasn’t a particular exemplar of mature leadership then. And if you look through his lists of campaign contributors, you’ll find all the usual suspects – including three people who were standing at City Hall the first time the Democrat cabal set up a press conference to defend Tasha Clark Amar; namely, Denise Marcelle, Ted James and Pat Smith.

Tarvald Smith should have recused himself from the case rather than granting that TRO. But he didn’t, because interpreting the law and providing justice isn’t what he got elected to do. Furthering the interests of the machine is.

Like the kids say, Do you want St. George? Because this is how you get St. George.

This isn’t even a racial issue. Let’s remember that everybody involved here is black. Helen Plummer, the old lady whose estate Tasha Clark Amar tried to pillage, was black. All of her family members that Tasha Clark Amar has filed no less than THREE legal actions against because they not only wouldn’t let her raid Plummer’s bank accounts for her $500 per month trustee fee but publicly complained that they were being set upon by her (after she filed the first suit against them), are black.

Amar’s atrocious lawyer Charlotte McDaniels McGehee is McWhite. McGehee happens to be a member of the Democrat Party’s Parish Executive Committee in Baton Rouge, so she’s also part of the machine despite her lack of McPigmentation. But the point is this isn’t a black and white thing; it’s a corrupt machine thing. The in-crowd at City Hall is just as happy to attack black people who are in the way as they are white people.

Who wants to be governed by crooks and inside dealers like these?

There is no good argument against the St. George incorporation at this point. It might be the only thing that keeps taxpayers and law-abiders, regardless of race, from fleeing East Baton Rouge Parish.

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