Get Trump Off Twitter. Get Him Off, Now.

This morning, the President of the United States posted this to his Twitter account…

Look, we’re not going to get our panties in a bunch about how sexist and mean and so forth Trump is, and how he’s not allowed to say terrible things about Mika Brzezinski. Actually, if he wants to trash Mika Brzezinski, he’s within his rights to do so given the way she’s acted towards him. It’s not that he would retaliate – in fact, we’re willing to give Trump some leeway in doing so because at least he’s willing to fight back, unlike so many Republican politicians through the years who have simply laid down and taken it when Democrats partisan propagandists disguising themselves as objective journalists have slighted and slandered them on a non-stop basis.

But if you’re going to retaliate against biased and inaccurate, not to mention ugly, things somebody like Mika Brzezinski might say about you, at least do so in a fashion which doesn’t make you look cheaper and nastier than she is – which the above tweets absolutely have done. You could trash her by pointing out the volume of stupid and patently wrong things she says. You could assail her credibility as a second-generation Democrat political hack masking as a legitimate journalist. You could tweak her for her irrelevance.

But telling stories about how she was bleeding from a facelift and wanted to sit next to you at your club gets you nowhere. It makes you look like you have no class, and that you’re unprofessional. And that you’re an idiot who can’t make a cogent argument.

Trump can do a lot better than this. Trump’s twitter has been a weapon of some worth. At times he’s helped himself with an occasional tweet which, though sometimes initially appearing to be poorly thought out, has changed the conversation in a way he was hoping for.

But this? Nothing good comes from this. This is unbecoming of someone in public office. This is stupid in the extreme. This is the kind of thing that makes the Democrats and the media look like the good guys.

Shut up, Donald. Do the job we elected you for. Hire the people we elected you to hire, do the work in front of you and stop with the idiocy on Twitter. Enough already.

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