Hey, Lefties, Are You Now Noticing Bernie Sanders Is A Fraud?

There’s a great headline at The Resurgent from earlier this week: Donald Trump is Not Under an FBI Investigation. Bernie Sanders Is.

Sanders, the wannabe communist dictator who ran around the country last year campaigning for president on the need for a “political revolution” in this country and then, after one of his former campaign workers attempted to touch off that revolution by appearing at a practice of the Republican team for the Congressional charity baseball game with guns blazing, disclaimed any form of violence, was touted by his supporters as “genuine.” Somehow, an unreconstructed Marxist agitator who, as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont in the 1980’s, cozied up to murderous Communist regimes in Russia, Cuba and Nicaragua, was sold to the public as a well-meaning, if slightly batty, old man who just wants things to be more fair and for the poor to have a better shake.

This was always sheer stupidity that any cursory examination of the evidence would expose as such.

Let’s remember that until he found a way to fleece the voters into electing him into political office, Bernie Sanders failed at every honest vocation he ever tried. He failed as a carpenter, he failed as a revolutionary poet, he failed as a psychiatric aide and as a pre-kindergarten teacher. He was kicked out of a commune because he was too lazy. He started running for office as a socialist in 1971 and finally broke in as Burlington’s mayor in 1980 – prior to that he scratched out a meager living making documentary films for left-wing nonprofits. For all the discussion on the Left of Donald Trump as Hitler, Sanders’ biography is considerably closer to that of the failed artist-turned head of the National Socialist government in Germany.

But where the true fraud of Sanders’ life can be found is in what he’s done since becoming a successful politician. For someone who claims to be for the poor, Bernie Sanders sure has managed to do well for himself – too well, it seems.

First was the revelation that he’d just bought his third house, a vacation home on Lake Champlain which set him and his wife Jane back about $600,000. The Sanders camp defended that purchase on the basis that the money for it came from his wife’s family selling property in Maine. How come socialist grifters like Bernie Sanders never seem to marry any of the poor people they purport to spend their lives fighting for?

Then there was Jane Sanders destroying Burlington College, the institution of higher education of which she was president. Under Jane Sanders’ leadership, Burlington College bought a $10 million lakeside property which contained a large building formerly housing an orphanage from the Catholic Church. The debt load from that purchase bankrupted the college in 2016, five years after it fired Jane Sanders and paid her a $200,000 severance package. The implications of that ill-fated purchase, and irregularities surrounding it, are the reason Bernie Sanders and his wife have now lawyered up amid a federal investigation.

There is more, though. It turns out that Sanders has more shamelessly monetized his 2016 presidential campaign than perhaps any politician in history. From an eye-opening report by Daniel Greenfield at Front Page Mag

The money that Bernie used his way to break the $1 million mark and buy his way into the 1% came from the $27 donors he touted during his campaign. Other campaigns were funded by billionaires.  But the folks paying for Bernie’s private Delta 767 with its menu of herb crusted lamb loin, chocolate ganache, fine cheeses and white wine were ordinary people who would never be allowed to fly on it.

Bernie could live large on their donations, but he couldn’t directly pocket their money. Not unless he figured out how to sell them something of his own. And that’s how Bernie joined the 1%.

Our Revolution, Bernie’s book, which was also the name of his new organization, sold for $27. According to Bernie, that was the average size of his donations. The actual number was $86, but truth and Bernie have always had only the loosest of relationships. And Bernie supporters were no longer giving $27 to subsidize a campaign, a cause, Bernie’s jet and his consultants, but his wallet and his summer home.

Bernie sold his supporters for $27 a head to a multinational corporation in exchange for $795,000. His book is named after Our Revolution, a 501(c)(4) “social welfare” organization that he set up to influence elections and which can accept unlimited amounts of money from donors without disclosing them.

According to Our Revolution’s former organizing director, it was set up that way to “take big checks from billionaires.”

Bernie Sanders can’t legally be involved in running his own organization. But he can cash in on a book which has the same name as that organization. The distinctions are bound to be lost on his supporters just as they didn’t understand what it meant when Bernie didn’t cap the commissions of his consultants.

The 2016 Sanders campaign was nothing but a colossal grift on stupid leftists like James Hodgkinson, the disaffected union thug who shot up the Republican congressional baseball team after being inspired by Sanders’ revolutionary rhetoric. Sanders fleeced the Hodgkinsons of the world and disillusioned them about capitalism and America’s founding, while taking their online donations and spending them on lavish consultant fees and a private jet to traipse around the country in, and then shoveling them a ghostwritten book which earned him nearly $800,000 in a publisher’s advance.

Sanders made out like a bandit. Revolutionary politics usually works that way; it’s how come both Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez died richer than Mitt Romney.

Except perhaps Sanders lived too long. Because the federal investigation into his wife’s ruin of Burlington College is becoming a blob eating away at his political stature.

At issue in the investigation is that Jane Sanders lied to lenders financing the college’s land purchase by claiming she had some $2.6 million in donations to support the purchase when the true amount was far less. And what’s worse for Bernie is the allegation that he pressured the banks to go through with the loans – which would amount to a level of political corruption only a true Third World communist could love.

The investigation which has led to both Bernie and Jane hiring high-priced Washington lawyers – only the best for the true servants of The People, right? – was sparked by Brady Toensing, a prominent attorney and a vice-chairman of the Vermont Republican Party. Toensing was affiliated with the Trump campaign, which is a fact that Bernie has used in an attempt to discredit the investigation.

Except Toensing’s letter asking for a federal investigation was dated Jan. 10, 2016. It was addressed to Eric Miller, the Obama-appointed U.S. Attorney for Vermont. Miller resigned in February, but he began an investigation nonetheless and his office has continued that investigation. The Trump administration has not hired Miller’s replacement as yet.

In other words, Brady Toensing’s affinity for Donald Trump notwithstanding, there are people without a presumable ax to grind against Bernie and Jane Sanders who have found merit enough in the allegations to conduct a federal investigation into them. After all, most of what’s alleged is documented – the loan applications make representations that the college’s donor records don’t support and the prospective donors have denied making the advertised commitments. That looks like fraud. If it turns out there are documents and/or testimony showing that Bernie Sanders applied pressure to approve a bad loan, it’s blatant corruption to go with the fraud.

Ask Bernie Sanders about all this, and you’re not getting an honest answer. You’re going to get crap like this…

It’s time to dispense with this image of Bernie Sanders as some well-meaning nice old man. He is not. He’s a crook and a grifter, a liar and a thug. And when his sins find him out at last, the real question is what his supporters do with the sudden knowledge they’ve been scammed all along.

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