Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed Just All But Ensured St. George Will Happen

UPDATE: Lest we give the wrong impression, Silky Slim did not say, at the Metro Council podium, that the domestic terrorist cop-killer Gavin Long provided “justice” to law enforcement in Baton Rouge. The Baton Rouge Advocate’s Andrea Gallo quoted him as having said it, but it wasn’t at the microphone.

Here’s what he did say at the microphone – we doubt you’ll find this any better…

ANOTHER UPDATE: We had this a little wrong. Reed did say what Gallo quoted him as saying while at the podium. He just said it in a different speech from the one above. Yes, this clown is wasting the Metro Council’s time by alighting to the podium on multiple occasions to hurl invective and poison the public discourse, and there isn’t much anybody can do about it other than to denounce him (which few in public office in Baton Rouge seem to have the stones to do).

Here’s another clip in which Silky Slim delivers paydirt…

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ORIGINAL: There hasn’t been much of anything in the news about efforts to re-start the incorporation effort for a new city named St. George in the unincorporated southern portion of East Baton Rouge Parish, but that’s not important. You can more or less bet that sometime in the next several months that effort will begin anew and succeed, and the events at tonight’s Baton Rouge Metro Council meeting more or less guaranteed the St. George effort will bear fruit when it begins again.

This is so because the people currently running the city of Baton Rouge have chosen their associations exceptionally poorly and in so doing have sent a fatally divisive message to people who at one time were full of goodwill for the improvement of the entire community. For example, we give you one Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed, who styles himself a “community activist” in North Baton Rouge and who offered up this outburst at this evening’s Metro Council meeting…

Why does anybody care what comes out of Silky Slim’s mouth? That’s a very valid question; after all, he has shown himself to be a completely unproductive figure within the public debate in Baton Rouge, showing up at public meetings with a noose around his neck in some sort of political statement about the purported racism of the Baton Rouge Police Department and commonly hurling insults at white Metro Council members during the Council’s meetings. Reed is quite accurately described as a loser lacking a following or a productive occupation, and his is a past characterized by stupidity, failure and, above all, a complete lack of originality.

For example, here’s his rap career in a nutshell (warning: not safe for work)…

Reed’s feelings on murder would have purportedly changed, given that he currently runs a nonprofit called “Stop The Killing, LLC,” which can’t be said to be particularly effective given that his youngest brother was murdered in February under circumstances indicating he might have been involved with the drug trade. Reed also was impressively, even suspiciously so, present at the shooting of Alton Sterling last July and supplied the media with cell-phone footage of the incident in johnny-on-the-spot fashion – a bit of opportunism which made him a national figure for the customary 15 minutes.

And that led Reed to be named to a Citizen’s Advisory Board on law enforcement practices under mayor-president Sharon Weston Broome.

Of course, when Arthur Reed berates the Baton Rouge Metro Council by claiming it was “justice” for the racist psychopath Gavin Long to blow into Baton Rouge a little over a year ago and shoot five law enforcement officers at ambush, killing three and severely wounding another, and implies those law enforcement officers had it coming for wearing a badge, one may be excused for questioning just how appalled he actually is by the loss of life.

One of the dead cops happened to be black, of course, which gives the lie to Reed’s rantings.

These kinds of statements do not happen in a vacuum, despite what Baton Rouge’s mayor-president might believe. Reed’s ramblings as representative of Sharon Weston Broome given his appointment by her to a board relevant to the subject he’s bloviating about, and will represent her until such time as she takes an unmistakable step toward distancing herself from him.

Which she has had multiple opportunities to do and has not done.

And Broome’s silence, or, to be charitable, timidity, in the face of such provocative language on the part of pyromaniacs like Reed and Gary Chambers, Baton Rouge’s other wannabe Al Sharpton, has an effect. It has the effect of creating support for the St. George movement’s resurgence. After all, until Broome shows the courage to rebuke a Silky Slim or a Chambers a large portion of East Baton Rouge Parish, and particularly among the residents of the unincorporated part of its south side, will see her as racist and hostile, and want nothing to do with being directly governed by her.

It’s hard to blame them. At least people who live in the suburban cities of Baker, Zachary and Central can comfort themselves with the knowledge that while Broome and her coterie of advisors, to include Reed until she states otherwise, still hold sway over the parish government there is a local buffer the citizenry can rely on to mitigate the worst effect of that governance. The residents of what might become St. George don’t have that comfort…yet.

Don’t be surprised if that starts to change soon – as in, the incorporation petition might well come back to the fore this fall. And when it does, remember Silky Slim’s stupid outburst as a major factor in energizing St. George to begin again.

UPDATE: Plus, there’s the boasting…

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