HARTMAN: Roy Moore Is A Pig

Moore: ‘I refuse to stand down.’

Of course, Roy Moore refuses to stand down, even as he would call for those on the Left accused of similar offenses to be drawn and quartered.

He also refused to stand down when higher courts told the then-judge that posting the Ten Commandments was not OK. He also refused to stand down when the Supreme Court removed him from the bench.

He refuses to stand down from the pedestal on which he has perched himself, empowered with self-righteousness and, indeed, self-declared divine right.

I am a conservative American Republican. I am a Christian. The first requires respect for the rule of law, the Constitution, the lawful order of things – even when I don’t like them. The second requires loyalty to my Creator and my Savior. The two are not always concomitant, but that’s the way it is. We live in the Land of the Free, where disagreement is allowed, rational discourse is – or should be – encouraged, and where we understand that one person’s beliefs are not necessarily reflective of or beneficial to the society at-large.

Roy Moore doesn’t understand any of that.

Even when I agree with him, he just doesn’t get it.

Allegations that emerged today of sexually inappropriate – even criminal – conduct don’t budge him at all. It’s part of the “Obama-Clinton media machine,” he says. Eh, bite me. Barack Obama is no longer POTUS and the Clinton machine is dead, in large part thanks to Donna Brazile. Is the MSM mostly Left-leaning? Well, yeah. Duh. Are they so methodical and maniacal that they manufacture claims of sexual misconduct. No. Might they dig it up or create a venue for (alleged) victims to present themselves? Sure. That’s what responsible journalists of all ideologies do.

Is it easy to believe these women? Yep. Sure is. Why? Because Roy Moore is sex-obsessed, most notably on the private lives of LGBT people whose consensual conduct he thinks should be illegal – despite that having been resolved by multiple SCOTUS decisions – mostly by conservative courts.

Real American conservatives, you see, respect individual choice, even when they don’t condone it. Real American conservatives call for individual responsibility and accountability. Roy Moore thinks his (alleged) faith makes him above the law and immune from accountability. Real retro-Euro Liberals believe they should be able to regulate individual liberties, defy courts and the rule of law, and do whatever their (alleged) faith or political ideologues tell them is OK.

That’s not conservatism, Alabama. That’s not America.

Can Roy Moore still win Alabama’s vacant Senate seat? Maybe. Possibly. I might even say “probably.” Republicans need a conservative in that seat, and Roy Moore isn’t it. If he stays as the GOP candidate, the gamble is great, and that also tells us where his priorities are. If he steps aside as a real leader would, we could put someone on the ballot who would have an almost-sure shot at the seat.

Alas, Roy Moore’s hubris and dysmorphic “faith” render him incapable of such a gentlemanly gesture. If the women are telling the truth, they are victims. If Roy Moore stays the course, the other victim will be the GOP in the Senate.

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