Is Google’s Eric Schmidt a Human Rights Abuser? What level of Clinton Corruption is he involved in?

On Friday, Eric Schmidt resigned as the executive chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet– within 24 hours of an executive order Trump signed on Thursday related to confiscating the assets of people involved in human rights abuses and/or corruption.

QAnon posted on 8chan that Schmidt’s resignation was no surprise, and especially the timing of it, since he resigned within 24 hours of Trump’s executive order. 

(For those unfamiliar, QAnon is the anonymous intelligence leaker who has been releasing an incredible amount of classified information to Wikileaks and message boards like 8chan and pol.)

The executive order allows the Treasury Secretary (working with the Secretary of State) to confiscate assets held in the U.S. belonging to anyone who materially assists, sponsors, or provides financial, material, or technological support to anyone engaged in human rights abuses and/or corruption.

The New York Post suggests that Schmidt’s resignation could be related to his “womanizing” lifestyle, which it alleges began in 2012 after he and his wife of 37 years split. Despite extensive research into “Schmidt’s former flames,” the Post stated it has not found any evidence of “Harvey Weinstein-like sexual harassment.”

But more important is the connection of Schmidt to Clinton Corruption as some news organizations have revealed. The Financial Times, for example, uncovered that the Treasury annex identified 13 people who it deemed are “serious human rights abusers and corrupt actors,” including the former president of Gambia and a Myanmar general. The U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control named 39 people who the U.S. government sanctioned and whose assets are subject to government confiscation.

Others established that some of the 13 named by the Treasury Department are closely connected to the Clintons “pay for play” scheme because of the contracts or favors they received after making significant donations to the Clinton Foundation and/or the Clinton Global Initiative.

It’s no secret that Schmidt loaned the Google jet in 2008 to Clinton’s presidential campaign staff. And as Wikileaks made clear from the leaked John Podesta emails, Schmidt wanted to be Hillary Clinton’s “head outside advisor.” Podesta made clear that Schmidt wanted to give Clinton’s campaign Google’s powerful micro-targeting data to use for “get out the vote” and fundraising efforts. The plane, donations, and acting as a head advisor might be fine if all of this wasn’t linked to sex-trafficking and pedophilia.

Despite the mainstream media cover-up, the investigative journalist, William Craddick, revealed the Clintons’ connection to the international pedophilia sex trade. Their involvement with Laura Silsby, who was arrested and convicted for criminal child trafficking, is fascinating. Why did Bill Clinton intervene to have her sentence reduced? Silsby was caught attempting to smuggle out of Haiti 33 undocumented children.

What role, if any, did Schmidt play in Clinton’s pay for play activities? Have his assets been frozen? More to come, however, if QAnon’s inclination continues to be as accurate as it has been in the past, news about Schmidt and Google is just beginning.

Could this be why Silicon Valley opposed and helped defeat the most recent anti-sex trafficking bill in Congress?

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