Sexism Alert? Most Enrolled in Higher Education in Texas are Women

According to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, women enrolled in college in Texas far outnumber men. State officials are urging more men to attend college, and more Texans to graduate from college. Lower enrollment figures among men are “impeding” the state’s goal to see 550,000 young adults earn a post-secondary degree or certificate by 2030.

The number of young men enrolling in college must significantly increase to come close to their female counterparts. Since 2000, women have comprised roughly 56 percent of college students in Texas.

In 2016, roughly 62,200 men received degrees from public schools compared to 82,700 women.

So, is it sexist that more women attend college? Does this mean women are smarter and more interested in earning a higher degree?

Which colleges and universities have the most students enrolled in their programs? According to Texas Higher Education data, 1.5 million students were enrolled in higher education institutions in Texas in 2016. They majority were enrolled in 2-year colleges. By enrollment numbers from greatest to least, students were enrolled in:

  • Public 2-year College 732,281
  • Public University 636,750
  • Independent College or University 124,236
  • Public Health-related Institution 24,450
  • Independent Health-related Institution 2,903
  • Independent 2-year College 596

According to Texas Higher Education, total enrollments in higher education have increased by more than 537,000 students since 2000 during which time Black and Hispanic student enrollment doubled.

More than 196,000 undergraduate degrees were awarded in 2012; those to Blacks and Hispanics increased by 125% and 75%. Likewise, in 2012, research expenditures at Texas universities and community colleges exceeded $3.7 billion.



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