HVEEM: Trump Tide Is Rocking The Western World

Our perspective is often as nearsighted as the days we live. What is happening right now is vibrant and clear, while the days of the future or history long past are too distant in time to be depicted with much detail. If a moment of patience is taken to examine the tides of time and the cultural and spiritual transformations that define an age, one may discover how no political ideology is immortal. Brilliant ideas are birthed, grow to a ripe strong age, gradually slip into decay, and then usher in the dawn of a new political offspring, the successor to a world it is bound to change.

Many signs are arising that suggest today is such a critical time, where a young, budding, ideological flower blossoms and expresses the fullness of its character. The Western World is embracing a new passionate ideology, and the President of the United States is in the vanguard leading the way.

A sense of national pride and strong borders is rapidly overtaking many western countries according to recent polls. Rasmussen Reports finds Trump’s approval rating has reached as high as 50% on August 2nd. This rides on the back of strong action and rhetoric on immigration reform alongside America first economic policies paying dividends.

Across the ocean, Western European figures are rising simultaneously with Trump’s political tide.

Italy’s newly elected Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has vowed to, “defend the borders and I am doing it with all my energy and all the means at my disposal.” He has so far been true to his word, as less than 2,000 refugees came into Italian ports in July, 2018. This is a dramatic decrease from July, 2017, which saw Italy receive over 11,000. Instituto Noto found Salvini to have a 56% approval rating on July 2, making him the most beloved politician in Italy.

Sweden, a country in many ways much further down the progressive trail than the United States, is not beyond the wake of this political transformation. A right wing party known as Sweden’s Democrats (SD) is strong on border security and on top of the polls. An upcoming election could see them become the nation’s largest party, with favorability at 25.5% support, compared to 21.1% for the 2nd most popular party according to a News Today/Sentio poll.

Germany, arguably the liberal leader of Western Europe, is where politics of yesteryear still claims a substantial amount of power. Nevertheless, similar forces are at play within the German populace. The strong on border security right wing AfD party has risen to 17% favorability compared to just 12.6% of the popular vote they received in last year’s Federal Election.

For those establishment figures that remain in power, gripping tightly to the reigns of a declining political age, their support is quickly running away towards alternative ideas. Once again in Germany, Angela Merkel – who has been put forth as an alternative to Trump’s leadership of the West – has seen her support slip from 33% in last year’s election down to 29%, her lowest polling numbers since 2006.


The Brexit vote echoed a strong desire for a reemergence of national sovereignty in Great Britain. Yet, Theresa May seems to be neglecting the will of the people in her constant delay and watering down of any plan to leave the EU. This has seen her approval rating drop to 30% while 62% disapprove of the job Mrs. May is doing, according to a July 20-24 Evening Standard poll.

In France, Macron’s approval rating is in free fall. Only 32% of French voters approve of his performance according to a YouGov poll. His approval rating has not been this low since he took office.

Back on the homefront, the traditional democratic base is evaporating. The #walkaway movement is eating into left wing support. Americans are witnessing the national progress that comes with a leader that prioritizes their interests.

Trump is without a doubt a polarizing character. His presence is loud enough to reverberate around the globe. The President has done more than just rattle the political foundation of the United States. He has impacted the entire Western World.



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