Sign the petition to strip Obama cronies’ national security clearance

Sign the petition requesting President Trump to strip Obama’s cronies of their security clearance.

Retired Congressman Paul Broun, M.D., argues, “Ex-CIA Director John Brennan and other partisans who appear on television as talking heads are compromising our national security to enrich themselves. Instead of profiting from this abuse, they should have their security clearances revoked. And that’s exactly what Senator Rand Paul told President Trump at their recent meeting.”

    • John Brennan leaked information that almost cost the life of a double agent (he also voted for the Communist Party candidate for President in 1976 and allegedly became a member of the Muslim Brotherhood after he converted to Islam).
    • James Clapper lied to Congress under oath about the government’s illegal mass surveillance of innocent Americans.
    • Susan Rice lied about Barack Obama’s illegal government surveillance of Trump campaign aides.
    • Hillary Clinton systemically circumvented and broke national security laws governing classified information through her private email server when she was Secretary of State.
    • Not to mention the Pakistani spy ring working for the DNC who illegally breached Congressional emails and sold government information to foreign entities.
    • Or the collusion of the DNC and Clinton law firms that created the fake dossier McCain gave to the corrupt FBI to launch a fake investigation into a nonexistent relationship between Trump and Russia.

Braun argues that “every patriotic voice” must be heard to encourage President Trump to “finish what he started and REVOKE the top secret security clearances of the Deep State’s partisan talking heads and their ringleader, Hillary Clinton.”

Patriots can sign America’s Liberty Committee’s petition urging President Trump to fully revoke the security clearances of partisan Deep State talking heads.



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