Highlights from the #WalkAway Rally [videos]

Brandon Straka, the former Democrat who launched the #WalkAway movement, posted a video urging others who are fed up with the mob rule mentality of the Democrat Party to leave it.

“I definitely did not think when I released my video on May 26 that I would be standing in Trump International Hotel, wearing an ‘I love Trump’ top hat and tuxedo,” Straka said.

“We planned a really, really amazing weekend that we hope is going to wake a lot of people up — open a lot of people’s eyes,” Straka said.

Rally participants celebrated at Trump International Hotel with hundreds of #WalkAway liberals. Conservatives who support them are called, #WalkWiths.

RIGHT NOW: #WalkAway Marchers Assembling in Washington, D.C.

Posted by Breitbart on Saturday, October 27, 2018

Pastor Mark Burns, pastor of Harvest Praise & Worship Center in Anderson, SC, and avid Trump supporter, gave a passionate speech at the #WalkAway rally.

Gathered at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC, the #WalkAway movement said they are sick of “the bigotry” and divisiveness of the Democrat Party.

Burns said:

“It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, brown, red, Christian, Jewish. If you love this country…you are part of the #WalkAway movement.

“This is why we’re fired up, we won’t slow down, we won’t shut up, we will never die.”

Burns also criticized the liberal mainstream media, saying:

“I don’t care about CNN, I don’t care about MSNBC, I don’t care about the liberal media,” Burns told the crowd. “We don’t belong to them, we belong to God almighty.

“This is why they hate us. They hate us because they can’t stop us,” he added.

Burns said that Republicans will win the midterm elections and keep their majorities in the House and Senate.

“We’re gonna win these midterms and make sure we retain the House and Senate to support who I believe the greatest president America has ever seen, Donald J. Trump,” he said.

The crowd responded by chanting, “Trump, Trump, Trump!”

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