Hillary Clinton On 2020 Election: “I’d Like To Be President”

If Hillary Clinton has proved consistent on one thing, it is her desire for power. After two bids for the presidency have ended in failure, Hillary’s desire for control over the future of the nation has not waned. In a recent interview on the topic of the upcoming 2020 election, Hillary Clinton stated, “I’d like to be President.”


Clinton originally shied away from the question, as many in the Democratic Party would probably like her to do. She has clearly proven that she does not resonate with Americans to the degree that would bring about an electoral victory for the left. Hillary knows this. Rather than accept this reality though, she has offered alternative solutions to the problem, like abolishing the electoral college.

While it remains debatable if Hillary actually won the popular vote, that is if illegal voting is taken into account, it is conclusive that the electoral college does not bode well for her. Clinton only garnered 232 electoral votes in the 2016 election compared to the 306 received by Trump. With Trump’s increased popularity around the nation, it is likely that he would even win by a larger margin against Clinton the second time around.

This hypothesis rings true when one additionally considers Clinton’s failure to grasp how America is transitioning today. “We have confused everybody in the world, including ourselves,” Says Clinton. “We have confused our friends and our enemies.”

As far as the message goes from the current administration, it has been rather straightforward as an “America First” policy. Something that can be summed up in two words is hardly confusing. This is not rocket science, but a basic principled stance on how Trump introspectively views our nation and thus also how relations with other nations are to be measured. If something is in America’s interest, it will be valued and pursued. If something is not in America’s interest, it will be done away with and alternative actions will replace it.

“They have no idea what the United States stands for, what we are likely to do, what we think is important,” Hillary suggests. This depiction of the current administration by the left is not new, but could hardly be farther from the truth. Trump has been perhaps the most genuine politician of recent times in what he wants for the country. He has unabashedly stuck to his policies that were voiced on the campaign trail.

It is likely just the policy platform, that is in such dramatic opposition to the will of the establishment elite, that is being attacked here. He must be portrayed as unhinged, chaotic and confusing in order for his presidency to be undermined. For to engage in Trump as a serious character would legitimize him as a President, something that the left has proven unwilling to do.

However, Americans are not buying it. Hillary still has yet to grasp how this messaging is ineffective. Something incredibly appealing about Trump to Americans was how he was not a swamp creature of Capitol Hill. Yet, Hillary goes on to boast that is exactly what she is.

“The work [to be done by a Democrat President] would be work that I feel very well prepared for,” as she goes on to list off her credentials of being a life long politician. “Having been in the Senate for eight years, having been a diplomat in the state department,” she is extremely well qualified to be exactly what Americans do not want.

As out of sync she may be with the evolving nature of American politics, Hillary remains determined to claim the throne. If her desire for power is not quelled by the left, the party will likely only be damaged by a clear inability to move forward.

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