Time Magazine New Cover: Christine Blasey Ford

The Kavanaugh-Ford debacle has reverberated throughout the nation many times over. Lines have been drawn, and very few people remain in the middle. Either Kavanaugh is an innocent victim subject to defamatory search and destroy political tactics instilled by the left, or he is a serial gang rapist and the epitome of evil, a symbol of horror for every woman who has ever experienced sexual assault. Time magazine has portrayed who they side with, as Christine Blasey Ford is to be featured on their new cover.

Time has gotten creative with their support for Ms. Ford though, as it is not just a photograph of the accuser, but an artistic rendering. The cover is “an illustration of the words and phrases from her testimony arranged into a striking image of her taking an oath,” CNN reports. “Phrases on her forehead include: ‘I’m terrified,’ ‘agonized daily’ and ‘seared into my memory.’ On her hand included ‘traumatic experience,’ ‘personal attacks and invasion of privacy’ and ‘constant harassment and death threats.’”

Staying in sync with the collective strategy of Ford sympathy, Time magazine uses pathos, and appeals to the emotionally provoking elements of Ford’s case. Her accusation is a powerful pull on the hearts of caring viewers. This angle will thus be carried out to its fullest extent, and is being capitalized on by the magazine.

On the other side of the debate, Kavanaugh sympathizers are pulled by the large lack of evidence to convict Kavanaugh and the known animosity towards the supreme court nominee that has festered on the left. Trump largely expressed this at his latest rally in Mississippi.

Innocent until proven guilty is the long standing tradition in this country. However, Time magazine and many others are advocating for quite the opposite in this case. The first six FBI investigations into Kavanaugh were not enough to confirm his soundness of character. The completion of a seventh FBI investigation will undoubtedly hold no sway for those who have already predetermined his guilt.

Time magazine is just the latest rendering of the new version of culture trials that is emerging in the United States. Guilty until proven innocent is taking hold in a certain faction of the populace. If this precedent were to grasp political power, it is not so outlandish to believe that these culture trials would leak into courts and potentially transform the judicial system.

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