Steve Scalise To Democrats: Do Your Jobs

Speaking to reporters, the second most powerful Republican in the US House and Louisiana’s own Steve Scalise provided his thoughts on the border crisis and the Democrats’ response to President Trump’s address to the nation.

“I think the President did a really important job of explaining to the American people what the crisis at the border is all about and what this battle is about to get the government re-opened while making sure the President has the tools to secure the border. But when you saw the Democrats’ response with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer saying it is a fabricated crisis is such a denial of reality. And it’s an insult to the families of all of those victims, crime, the opioid crisis which is so real in almost every community in this country. Where 90% of the heroin that’s coming into this country is coming across the southern border. How can you say that’s a fabricated crisis? If you think it’s a fabricated crisis, then why did Chuck Schumer vote back in 2006 to allow for a wall to be built? And by the way, the language he voted for is very similar to the law that is currently being used to build the wall that we have today. So, ultimately, this is a real serious crisis that has to be solved and it’s gotta be solved through honest negotiations. The President put a credible offer on the table that’s based upon the experts, the people that risk their lives to keep this country safe, and if the Democrats have a different way of securing the border, it’s time to put that counter offer on the table. They have refused to negotiate until now, I think the American people are fed up with those style of old Washington tactics. It’s time for them to do their jobs, put a credible alternative on the table and let’s get this crisis resolved.” – Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA)

Cheers to the possibility of “Speaker Scalise” in the near future.

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