WalletHub Says Louisiana Is The 2nd Worst State In America To Live In; When Does It Stop?

This might not come as a shock, but Louisiana is in serious decline. With ill-boding factors ranging from astronomically high corporate tax rates to extreme political corruption, there isn’t much optimism to go around in 2019.

According to a recent WalletHub study, Louisiana ranks as the second-worst state in the country to live in. We also boast the 3rd highest poverty rate, 2nd lowest income growth, and 2nd lowest in education quality. While the citizenry of the state struggle for economic survival, the Baton Rouge politicians continue to lavish themselves and waste our time. Whether it be fiercely debating the merits of changing the state song or banning the use of phrases such as “almond milk” to describe foods, or even forcing restaurants to inform their customers about the origin of the seafood they’re serving, Louisiana lawmakers clearly have more pressing issues to attend to than us. With the sports gambling fiasco just the latest misstep in a series of blunders, when will we hold our politicians accountable?

It seems like the only time many legislators are passionate is when they’re fighting to hike our taxes or restrict our freedoms. Add in a Medicaid expansion that’ll cost taxpayers an extra $5,000 annually, and it seems we’re far from saving. Fear not however, there is one radical solution. One idea so bold Louisiana pols’ heads would spin.


Fiscal responsibility.

If Louisiana politicians can start focusing on legislation that incentivizes business creation and shrinks the size of the already obese government, maybe things will change. It’s too difficult to pinpoint just one cause of our situation, but the first step to recovery is holding pols accountable.

We as an overtaxed, overburdened citizenry are suffering at the hands of a tyrannical ruling class in Baton Rouge. We need to raise up new leaders and hold those who hold the reins accountable.



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