PERRICONE: Iran, John Kerry And Pallets Of Cash Money

Former Secretary of State John Kerry says the money given to Iran was theirs, to begin with. He said, moreover, that Iran sued the US and was collecting interest on the judgment–a judgment, if it existed, could never be executed.

Please allow me a thought on this. It might be worthless, but I think it merits some thought.

In 1979 when Iran fell into the hands of Islamic fundamentalists–through a revolution–the previous country ceased to exist. All of its property was “stolen” from the fundamentalists who took over the government. The Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, had to escape Tehran or face certain death.

Once that revolution was completed, and our hostages taken, assets of the previous administration belonged to no one, especially the revolutionaries who hijacked Iran.

So what happens to property belonging to the previous government?

Does it belong to the conquering government, even if it exists in foreign banks and embargoed by sanctions? Why did it take almost 40 years to give it back and why wasn’t it given back in the currency of the time it was deposited in the foreign banks? Why did the US government convert it to US Dollars in cash and ship it to Iran on American aircraft–FUNGIBLE CASH, which is not easily traceable?


There are so many questions about this transfer of wealth to a country which has been hostile toward us for over 40 years, and it appears it will be for some time to come. What the Obama administration did was to enable a hostile government to continue to wage sporadic war against the United States, at a day and time of Iran’s choosing.

Our current President is trying to stop that, but the Democrats are continuing to enable Iran to foment and foster hostilities against America and her assets, under the false aegis of American law. This must be stopped and the American people must wake up and realize that our enemies are among us.



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