San Francisco CEO Admits to Selling Beating Baby Hearts, Intact Baby Heads [video]

Cate Dyer, CEO of StemExpress, admitted in court last September that her biotech company supplies beating fetal hearts and intact fetal heads to medical researchers.

She also admitted in a preliminary hearing (of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress who were sued by Planned Parenthood) that a baby’s head can be procured attached to the body or “could be torn away.”

“That is an especially gruesome admission, but it begs the question: how did they get these fully intact human children?” Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society, who represent Daleiden, asked.

“If you have a fetus with an intact head and an intact body, and intact extremities, that is something that would indicate that child was born alive, and then had their organs cut out of them, or that that child was the victim of an illegal partial-birth abortion,” he told LifeSiteNews.

“Both of these are gruesome and violent acts.”

Thanks to the CMP’s groundbreaking undercover work, the practice of Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts to medical research entities became publicly known.

The videos exposed StemExpress as Planned Parenthood’s California hub for trafficking baby body parts.

David Daleiden testified to a 2012 Stanford study still in circulation, which states: “In brief, human fetal hearts (StemExpress, Diamond Springs, CA) were perfused using a Langendorff apparatus…”

Stem cell expert Dr. Theresa Deisher also testified that in order to be viable for research for a Langendorff apparatus, a human fetal heart “has to be beatingwhen harvested from the baby. The heart must then “be arrested in a relaxed position” by perfusing it with a potassium solution to be transported to the research site, where it is started again electrically, she said, LifeSite News reported.


More about this was also documented here:



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