END THE SHUTDOWN: State Legislators Call on Louisiana Residents to Stand

This week Gov John Bel Edwards announced that the state would remain shut down until May 15, a decision that has Louisiana residents and legislators alike disillusioned and disappointed, to say the least. In a Tuesday article, Scott McKay asserted that if citizens want their liberty back, they are going to have to take it back “through civil and political means”:

This was a pretty serious change from what Edwards was telling legislators last week. Last week House Speaker Clay Schexnayder had circulated word throughout that body, after several members began talking about the need for reopening the state, that Edwards had all but guaranteed a May 1 reopen. There was also a call last week at which the governor addressed the Republican House delegation and he repeated his promise to open the state on May 1. So it wasn’t just Schexnayder he lied to, it was everybody.

In actuality, the disillusionment and disappointment goes into fury with some legislators, including House Speaker Clay Schexnayder. Many legislators want to strip the governor of his emergency declaration, saying that the time for that has long passed.

This is not the “law of the land” that we should all follow blindly, as one social media commenter put it. It is the action and decree of one man. Not every state in the U.S. has been locked down, as too many people believe.

It is local and state governments that are mostly responsible for this. On the federal level, President Trump has largely left it up to U.S. governors to run their states.


We must trust that our legislators will do their part, and that the citizens of Louisiana will do theirs. There is an invitation on Facebook, hosted by State Representative Danny McCormick, that calls the people to peaceful action this Saturday from 12-1:30pm at the State Capitol.

Here is a piece of that invitation:

This will be a rally of epic proportions as grassroots groups across the state unite and stand together for their freedom, demanding the Governor release the power back to the people. It is our constitutional right to work and worship. Consider this your invitation to become a part of history.
#mccormick4la #FreedomIsEssential


As we have said before, this is more than just about money and the economy, even though because of something called residual effects, the economy is of paramount importance too. This unnecessary house arrest for the majority of Louisiana citizens is an echo of the de Blasio school of thought, and must be challenged with swiftness, just as New Yorkers did in their state.



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