“Protesters” Blocked I-10 Tuesday Night, And LaToya Cantrell Let It Happen

This wasn’t even 48 hours after Cantrell, who is now unquestionably the worst mayor New Orleans – which has a tradition of bad mayors few cities in North America can match – has ever had, refused to allow her city to join the Phase 2 reopening from the COVID-19 panic the rest of the state will undertake on Friday.

Not only that, she howled at the passage of a bill in the Louisiana legislature which would provide a $300 million business relief fund via the federal CARES Act to businesses put in danger of permanent closure thanks to her refusal to open up the city’s economy.

Cantrell has no opposition, though, to those who would violate her social distancing guidelines and attempts to stop the spread of the virus so long as they do so while engaged in political activism she agrees with.

Including Tuesday’s installment of the city’s Far Left groups funded by out-of-state money, which led to hundreds of below-average individuals walking onto a highway overpass and shutting down I-10 as it flowed through the city’s downtown.

Protesters and police met in New Orleans on an interstate highway Tuesday night after days of protest in the city over the death of a black man at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Several hundred demonstrators ascended onto Interstate 10 around 7:45 p.m. following a rally in Duncan Plaza and a march through downtown New Orleans.

As the day faded, the diverse crowd of protesters walked along the elevated expressway, chanting and carrying signs as stopped cars blasted music and drivers leaned out to cheer them on. About a quarter-mile down the expressway, a line of New Orleans police, some with helmets and other riot gear, blocked them from continuing on near an off ramp to the French Quarter.

With the lines of protesters and police silhouetted in the New Orleans skyline, the demonstrators urged each other to remain peaceful. Echoing the rally and march that took place near City Hall hours earlier, they began a series of chants and cheers while some spoke directly to the officers about the outrage they felt over the killing of black men by police.

A New Orleans police commander, Chief Deputy Superintendent John Thomas, addressed the crowd.

“We feel ashamed for what this officer did to tarnish the badge,” he said, referring to the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on Memorial Day. “We support you.”

Soon after, the officers in riot gear all took a knee.

You do not allow traffic on a interstate highway to be shut down – not for two hours, not for two minutes – for any reason other than a disaster or an emergency. People traveling along interstates have important business to attend to in many cases. They’re truckers carrying essential goods which must be delivered on time, they’re business people with places to go, they’re husbands, wives, mothers and fathers hustling home from business trips to see families. They’re people with lives to live, and sometimes keeping to their schedules could make a real difference in those lives.

Nobody ascending onto that overpass to block that interstate had anything so urgent. And yet these selfish narcissists imposed their feelings about an event happening 1200 miles away in Minneapolis onto those travelers and shut them down as they passed through the city, for what? Street theater involving kneeling cops?

Here’s video.

Every day this week Cantrell’s administration has sanctioned scheduled “protests” which includes hundreds or even thousands of people in close quarters. But she said on Monday she was refusing to take the city to the Phase 2 reopening after Gov. John Bel Edwards ordered the state to move to that phase. This after she canceled all large events in New Orleans for the rest of the year because of the virus – she’s now allowing a mini-Mardi Gras for leftist agitators on the city’s interstate highways while her police chief openly warns that out-of-town villains could be plotting violence out of the demonstrations his own cops are now kneeling in front of.


Which means that if you engage in leftist political activism, which brings zero tax dollars into New Orleans’ coffers, puts precisely no one to work, is statistically very likely to result in the loss of property and possibly even the loss of life and generally offers nothing but grievance and outrage rather than prosperity and progress, LaToya Cantrell will allow you to conduct yourself however you like. But if you seek instead to operate a business – a restaurant, a bar, a hotel, a salon, a fitness club or even a tattoo parlor, LaToya Cantrell wants nothing to do with you – you can await her pleasure before your livelihood may resume.

We have said that New Orleans is a dead city. At this point it’s quite impossible to see how there is any possible argument to that statement. Cantrell has put it under the ground and it will not survive her reign of error as its mayor.

It is difficult to be the worst mayor New Orleans has had. The city hasn’t had even a mildly competent mayor since Vic Schiro in the 1960’s, and that’s being charitable. But LaToya Cantrell takes the incompetence, leftist idiocy and outright contempt for the productive citizens of her adopted city to a level no previous mayor would have thought.

She is a disgrace on a level no Louisiana city has ever experienced. Every day her misrule is worse. And it becomes more and more impossible to envision how New Orleans will ever recover from what she has done and is doing to it.



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