LaKaren Cantrell Cancels New Orleans

This is what you get when you put incontrovertibly stupid people in charge of a major city…

As the City of New Orleans works to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases, the mayor is now recommending that there be no large music festivals or events for the rest of the year.

Mayor Latoya Cantrell says big events like Jazz Fest, French Quarter Fest and Essence Festival should redirect their efforts to 2021, saying that no big events should be allowed this year.

This comes after Orleans Parish has seen one of the deadliest days to date with 32 deaths in Orleans Parish in the past 24 hours.

Cantrell says she’s already been in talks with the coordinators of those big events and says there’s more that will come about in the future.

She says that it is not only New Orleans and Louisiana to consider. There are tourists from neighboring states and around the country who will be going through their varying coronavirus fights.

Jazz Fest has postponed until Fall and French Quarter Fest has postponed until October.

As far as the Saints games go, Cantrell says she doesn’t know what that will look like but is basing her opinion on the fact that people will still need to travel to and gather at these events.

New Orleans is a tourist city built on large events. New Orleans has no other industry of note. Literally nothing else of any size exists in New Orleans. Even the city’s port, which by tonnage is one of the busiest in North America, is not a particularly large economic driver seeing as though the vast majority of what comes through that port is raw materials and not finished goods (that business New Orleans lost to other ports long ago). There is no particular manufacturing base, banking is gone, insurance and other financial services no longer have headquarters in the city.

All that is left is tourism and hospitality.

And by canceling large events – and by the way, Cantrell is going to try to cancel Saints games, too, she just doesn’t have the stones to announce that now – she is bankrupting the hotel and restaurant business in that city now.

There will be nothing left of New Orleans by 2021.

So far, there have been 276 people in Orleans Parish who have died from the ChiCom Wuhan coronavirus, and 5,700 cases reported to the Louisiana Department of Health. The truth is the number of people who had the virus is infinitely larger, because it was in New Orleans all winter before the first reported case on March 9.

Cantrell hasn’t had the first clue what to do about the virus from the start. She never had a plan to manage the virus response, and so she’s done what any Hard Left socialist can be expected to do – she attacked all the economic activity she could, in hopes that by shutting down life she would be able to exert a measure of control over the people for their own good.

But the social distancing isn’t really helping, as people in Orleans Parish continue to get sick and to die. Why? Here’s why, according to Cantrell…

Cantrell said over the Easter weekend, the NOPD did respond to a number of calls indicating to her administration that people are still moving around the city, movement that they’re again discouraging and asking residents to stay home.

People are sick of the shutdown and they’re starting to chafe against it. So Cantrell’s response is to cancel large events.

Do you think that’s going to make them behave, LaKaren?

Or will they just pick up and leave? Nobody particularly wants to live under tyranny, and particularly the tyranny of an incompetent tax-dodger like LaKaren Cantrell.


This woman is killing that city. Killing it. In a month or less, the national shutdown will be over and in all likelihood Louisiana’s will be as well, and some of those large events will be held somewhere other than New Orleans – because the people putting them on have to make a living.

By 2021, what restaurants will be left open to service the big events she thinks will come back to the city? What hotels will still be open?

The city’s capacity for large events will be diminished, because the support structure New Orleans’ business community has built to create that capacity will be gone.

And New Orleans will be left without the only industry it hasn’t destroyed. New Orleans will be Baltimore.

Because this is what you get when you put incontrovertibly stupid people in charge of a major city.



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