BAYHAM: Facebook And Soft Tyranny In Modern America

Most of you have heard of Facebook jail.

Amazingly I’ve yet to personally experience this novel form of social media incarceration, perhaps due to the good-humored company I keep, but I’ve been told it exists.

If you say a “trigger” word, then you get the virtual equivalent of a late night knock on the door from Mark Zuckerberg’s algorithm (or whatever coded enforcer that polices the cyber world like a black-suited Smith from the Matrix) and you are gagged for a predetermined sentence.

There’s also the living (mouth) breathing Stasi informants, the K(aren)GB of social media that drop nickels or do the world wide web equivalent of demanding to speak to the manager of the internets (no sic).

As the complainer seems to be always right (or adhered to), the transgressor is sent to Cyberia to contemplate their word choices.

Getting rung up by the FaceBook-I involves an immediate judgement that would impress an East German court with escalating sentences of 30, 60, and 90 days, with the punishment starting at the moment the sentencing is acknowledged.

And I’ve been told by a habitual offender due to COVID-19, the appeals process is in quarantine.

The whole system is reminiscent of the futuristic Demolition Man world where Sly Stallone’s John Spartan character is regularly assessed fines from omnipresent devices for violating the verbal morality statute.

Release from FB jail has inspired numerous memes of varying levels of amusement, including one featuring Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption, but rather than seeing the humor in these absurdities I see something far more menacing: the reconditioning of American society to the acceptance of allowable speech and arbitrarily assigned penalties for unpopular or politically incorrect speech.

In Aldous Huxley’s brilliant and perhaps prescient Brave New World, readers are shown how the methodical application of shock treatments on toddlers is utilized to condition them to like certain things and abhor others to keep the predetermined social ranks in their lane so to speak.

Eventually through an accrued aversion to being deplatformed, conforming by silence to the prevailing culture is advanced.

Sure, it’s not the same inducement as being clubbed with a truncheon for speaking out of turn. But it has the same end: coerced compliance in the name of not upsetting (certain) people of ideology.

Of course, that such policies are not equally enforced is no secret.

After all, it’s not meant to be secret because that’s the essence of tyranny, the realization and passive acceptance that some classes or groups retain certain rights and privileges that are denied to others.

Brazen immunity to the same code that is disproportionately applied to others is a reminder of station.  And they want you to fully understand this concept to be reality.

And eventually there are many people who fearing loss of what they’ve thus far managed to hold on to will accept their “unter status” just to avoid standing out in the hopes that at a minimum they will be the last to be troubled.

Over the past few years this country has experienced events that look as if they were taken out of the Weimar Republic’s death rattle such as the targeted harassment of particular businesses by the state and protesters (Chick-fil-A and In-n-Out) to wanton anticlerical vandalism of houses of worship and destruction of religious symbols that harken comparisons to similar acts of violence that presaged the darkest chapters of modern European history.

And the authorities don’t seem overly interested in curbing the fervor or stopping the vandalism, not wanting to take a break from heaping praise and adulation upon the politically-coveted thugs destroying their communities.

For these titled collaborators of maladministration it is better to serve in hell with a designated parking spot than live in tranquil anonymity.

Political enforcement by street toughs is the essence of fascism, which is not a real ideology but a Clausewitzian practice of politics by other means.


Consider the leftist trend of doxxing those they see as threats to their position or argument, either through doorstep protest actions (see Tucker Carlson) or going after people’s livelihoods by pestering employers en masse or in the case of business owners, vendors and customers.

And then there’s the statist big media.

Though not run by the government, we have seen a radicalized journalism camp from the news directors and managing editors down to the reporters that have fanatically enforced the leftist doctrine and broadcast en vogue catcalls upon the recalcitrant.

How many unflattering news articles has the Times Picayune/New Orleans Advocate showered like lead-tipped arrows upon the Krewe of Nyx ever since the carnival organization’s captain committed the heresy of tweeting out #AllLivesMatter ?

Over a dozen.

Sacramento King’s basketball announcer Grant Napear was forced out of his job for tweeting out the same thing yet over in Philadelphia wide receiver DeSean Jackson only had to agree to take a virtual tour of Auschwitz to keep his multi-million dollar contract after tweeting out anti-Semitic comments.

It is important that some visibly suffer punishment and others visibly flout penalty to reinforce the new way.

Are we really a free society if there are severe personal consequences for expressing beliefs that don’t line up with the mob in the streets, newsrooms, movie studios, and faculty lounges?

Over the past four years through courageous citizen journalists we have brushed past the big media gatekeepers and peeked behind the curtain narrative to see the brazen corruption and arrogance of the permanent bureaucracy on all levels of government and media yet these bad actors and abusers of public trust lack even the dignity of blushing at their revealed shame.

The nobles have no clothes and they’re proud of it.

Once again, that’s the point.

They’re here.

They’re frauds.

They’re not going anywhere.

Get used to it.

Is it any better that in lieu of the harsh boot stamping on our collective faces in 1984 we’re on the receiving end of a “gentler” splat of leftist saliva in 2020?

Are we really one election away from losing America the idea and becoming Amerika the uniparty socialist superstate where existence will be the new benevolent tolerance and sacred rights reconsidered as gifted privileges?

Restraint is not a common virtue found within the left and the next national Democratic administration will have less use for “brakes” than the previous one that taunted us with pen in one hand and phone in the other about the consequences of losing elections.

The final nail in the coffin of our tottering free republic is the manipulation of the public recourse to change the government.

Blue states have sought to thumb the balance of democracy through ballot harvesting schemes sold as expanding democracy when it does something else entirely, making opposing the prevailing party dominated government a futile act and lose confidence in the existence of democracy.

Chavismo Venezuela isn’t Nazi Germany but it smells a lot like the Soviet Union.

We should settle for nothing less than none of the above.



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