FAGAN: When The Culture War Came To Him, Brees Choked Big-Time

The Saints-Tampa Bay matchup this Sunday pits two of the great NFL quarterbacks of all time. Tom Brady is well past his time. Drew Brees on the other hand is still sharp. It’s been ten years since the Saints won a Super Bowl but Brees seems more than capable, physically, to win another.

But Brady clearly has enjoyed more success if you count Super Bowl wins as a mark of a legend. Brees has one. Brady has six (in nine Super Bowl appearances). Brady’s record is one of the few in the NFL that will likely stand for eternity.

What’s the difference between the two? For the most part, Brady delivered and didn’t choke when it mattered most. Brees? Not so much.

Everyone blames the blatant no-call from the refs for knocking the Saints out of the playoffs in January of 2019 against the Los Angeles Rams. But we forget after the blown call, the game went to overtime where Brees choked when it mattered most throwing an interception setting up the Rams to kick the game-winning field goal.

Brees’ last game, in January of this year, the Saints led the Minnesota Vikings by four in the second quarter when he choked again throwing an interception deep in his own territory. The Vikings capitalized and scored a touchdown. The Vikings never trailed again and eliminated the Saints from the playoffs.

We forgive Brees for choking on the field the past couple of years. He did his best. It’s only a game. One hundred years from now, few will remember Brees or even Brady for that matter.

But what does matter is how athletes like Brees use their fame, fortune, and influence during the serious times in which we are living. Brees has been more than generous using the wealth he’s generated on the field to help others. He’s not required to, and many athletes don’t. For that, Brees deserves credit.

But the 6-foot quarterback gets failing grades on using his considerable influence to stand up to radical Leftist, Marxist, social justice warriors determined to dismantle capitalism and rob us of our freedoms by bullying their way into power.

Brees had a chance to stand up to the mob. He didn’t. He choked. He continues to do so.

Brees groveling and begging the vulgar mob for forgiveness after he defended standing for the flag earlier this year was a sickening display. He broke the NFL record for apologies. But the woke mob doesn’t accept apologies. Bootlicking only emboldens them. The mob only accepts full compliance, complete surrender, and unquestioned obedience. Sycophants only need apply.

Brees has apparently decided there’s close to nothing he won’t do to please and capitulate to the unbending, judgmental mob. Even if it means taping the name of a man with a sexual assault warrant on his helmet.

The photo of Brees wearing a helmet bearing the name of Jacob Blake is jarring for those of us who have admired the star Saint for so many years. By wearing Blake’s name, Brees is advancing the notion cops are racists and disproportionately and excessively targeting Blacks simply because of the color of their skin. They aren’t. It’s a false narrative and surely Brees must know it.


The Kenosha, Wisconsin police union president says one of their cops shot Blake in the back because he was grabbing for a knife in the floorboard of his car. What would Brees have done? Allow Blake to stab him? It would be nice if someone in the media asked Brees that question. But the media is in on the “cops are racists” lie too.

On Tuesday, Democrat nominee for vice-president, Kamala Harris, met with Blake and called him a hero. Since Brees proudly wore Blake’s name on his helmet, I guess he thinks Blake’s a hero too.

Former Fox and NBC News host Megyn Kelly called Harris out for supporting Blake, tweeting:

“Proud of him? He’s accused of breaking into a sleeping woman’s house, sexually assaulting her, humiliating her & later returning to harass her. Then the cops she called for help say he resisted arrest, assaulted them & went for his knife. How ’bout a word for his victim, Senator?”

Joining with Harris and other radicals to appease and obey the woke mob is a huge story and yet the media seems uninterested in telling it. If Brees, with the stratospheric and fanatical favor he enjoys from so many must bend and break before the mob to survive, what chance do any of us have?

This is not the first time Brees abandoned his principles after the mob roughed him up a bit. In 2019, he cut a video promoting “Bring your Bible to School Day” for the Christian advocacy group, Focus on the Family. The woke mob slammed Brees for his association with a group that teaches homosexuality is sin. Of course, they believe it‘s a sin. It’s a Christian group!

Brees, to please the mob, threw Focus on the family under the bus. He told reporters he was not aware the group was associated with anti-LGBTQ beliefs. Really? Brees was unaware the evangelical Christian group, Focus on the Family, considered homosexuality sin?

Brees very well may go on to win another Super Bowl this year. He certainly has the skill, talent, and gifts to make that happen.

But if the mob hell-bent on ridding America of capitalism, and free speech succeeds, Brees will have played a major role in that civil war. His cowardice when it comes to standing up to the mob when he had the perfect opportunity to use his considerable influence to do so will impact this country and future generations far more than anything he’s accomplished on the field.



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