Trump Endorses Julia Letlow

We figured this was going to happen, given that he’s been making lots of endorsements for 2022 races and was certain to get involved in one closer to completion, but President Trump pulled the trigger last night and gave the thumbs-up to Julia Letlow in the special election in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District to replace her husband Luke, who died in December of a heart attack after a lengthy battle with COVID-19 that resulted in blood clots requiring multiple surgeries.

In a statement released late Wednesday, the 45th commander-in-chief praised the widow of Rep.-elect Luke Letlow (R-La.) as “a wonderful and talented person” who ran for her late husband’s seat “at the urging of so many.”

Trump touted Letlow for her pro-life stance, as well as her being “strong on Crime, the Border, loves our Military, our Vets, and will always protect our cherished Second Amendment.”

“Julia, who is so outstanding, has my Complete and Total Endorsement. The Great State of Louisiana will be thrilled!”

The statement…

It isn’t expected that the Save America PAC will throw any money behind the race, as Election Day is only eight days away.

Letlow is expected to win convincingly in the March 20 special election against a large field of mostly-unknown contenders. The only truly active competition on the Republican side appears to be Chad Conerly, a retired Air Force officer from Kentwood who’s generated some conversation mostly about what future office the GOP might run him for.

But with a large field of 12 candidates, it’s conceivable there might be a runoff. If there is, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Trump getting more involved. Should Letlow and, say, Democrat Candy Christophe, who came in a close third behind Luke Letlow and Lance Harris last November and barely missed the runoff in that race, end up head to head, we’d be less than surprised to see Trump make a trip to the district for Letlow and therefore be able to claim a victory for his PAC in a race she would undoubtedly win anyway.


And meanwhile Trump would be keeping himself relevant in Louisiana, while also attracting pretty much all of the statewide GOP officeholders and others to an event he’d hold in the state. He’d be publicly uniting everybody behind Julia Letlow, and doing it under his own banner. That isn’t a bad opportunity for an off-year election like this one is, though it would require a runoff which isn’t likely to happen to make room for it.

For now, though, there is the endorsement. It probably ought to seal the deal for an electoral win that has been likely ever since Julia entered the race.



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