FREEMAN: The Airlines’ Ridiculous Voter ID Hypocrisy

In the ultimate of ironies, The Very Same Airlines, Delta, American and now United Airlines that are virtue signaling about Georgia and soon Texas’s universal requirements for government issued photo IDs to vote, have since at least 2001 required government issued photo IDs to board their aircraft.

It should be viewed as ironic that the very position of having the Federal Government and not the States set election regulations is the reason why the airlines have a government issued ID requirements put in place in response to the September 11th attacks.

Before September 11th 2001, airport security for airlines was largely performed by private security firms such as Argenbright.  It was viewed that these firms were directly responsible for letting the 9/11 hijackers on the 4 flights that day and the US Government enacted sweeping regulations that not only federalized airport security by creating a new agency called the Transportation Safety Administration or TSA, but also enacted the requirements that all airline passengers above a certain age are required to present a ticket and government issued photo ID before passing through the security checkpoints at the airport, let alone board the aircraft.

This also paved the way for the Federal Government to implement the Real ID act. A set of standardized requirements put forward by the TSA to State Governments to meet Federal Security Standards.  Why this should be pointed out is as of October 2021, not only is it a requirement to have a government issued photo ID to fly, it also has to be Real ID Compliant.

This means the ID requirements to fly are going to be more stringent than to vote.

To use Texas as an example, Any Texas Government issued photo ID is all that is required to vote.  That means a drivers license, handgun license, private security licenses, locksmith license, or even a basic State ID if the individual was not issued any of the aforementioned licenses is all that is required to vote, even if the drivers license or state ID was issued before they became real ID compliant.  States even issue free government issued photo IDs for the expressed purpose of allowing anyone who is legally allowed to vote, to legally vote.  Passports and military IDs are acceptable forms of ID to vote.

To board an aircraft after October 2021, only IDs that are real ID compliant are acceptable to board an aircraft or enter Federal Facilities, meaning only passports, military IDs and real ID compliment drivers licenses or State IDs.  Many of the IDs Texas issues such as the handgun license and private security licenses will not be made real ID compliant, meaning they can still be used to vote in elections, they will no longer be able to used as acceptable form of ID board an aircraft.

It is ironic that the airlines would cry foul on voter ID requirements when their own ID requirements are even more stringent, something that Congressman Crenshaw pointed out.  Do you see any of the commercial airlines lobbying Congress to get out of the security requirements?



Other companies have also joined in the virtue signaling crowd to boycott Georgia, and soon Texas, including Apple and Major League Baseball.  These companies are as ironic as the airlines because Apple heavily markets a security feature of the iPhone as utilizing face detection to unlock the device.  This is not just a photograph but 3D biometrics.  Apple also required photo ID to join the Apple Credit Card service. MLB also requires photo IDs to pick up tickets as well as to purchase alcohol.  MLB even made a statement of moving the 2021 All Star Game from Atlanta Georgia to Denver Colorado which already has photo ID voting laws on the books .  This ironically enough is harming economically the very ethnic minorities the MLB is claiming they are supporting.

Atlanta’s population is 51% black which also accounts for 30% of the ownership of small businesses.  MLB goes woke, and it the citizens of Atlanta that are going to lose – to the tune of  $100 million.  Money that was desperately needed to restart the local economy that was decimated from the COVID-induced shutdown.

It’s this very reason why 45th President of the United States Donald Trump issued a number of statements that this action by corporations to prevent meaningful election integrity reforms which actually make elections more accessible to those that are legally allowed to vote in them and to prevent illegal vote harvesting and out right voter fraud, needs to be a line in the sand.  That the tactics these corporations employ should be turned on them.  When they go woke it’s these corporations that need to go broke, not small business owners, many or which are minority owned.

Election reforms are truly a turning point for America on so many levels.  Without free, fair,  legal and fraud free elections we don’t have a legitimate government.  These corporations seem to have a vested interest of keeping elected officials in office that are not necessarily those that would have legitimately won a level playing field.  Likewise these same corporations which are really run by crony-capitalists which are anything but free-market, want to be able to bully their views and policies on the entire country which is anything but free and fair,

It’s time to draw a line in the sand and those that go woke need to directly go broke not only for the future of free and fair elections but for the country as a whole.



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