Landry Is Going To War Against Biden’s Vaxx Mandate

By now you probably know that more than 58 percent of Americans reject the vaccine mandate ubstance of Joe Biden’s noxious Branch Covidian speech on Thursday, including more than 68 percent of independent voters.

A majority of voters oppose President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate on private businesses, a poll found Monday.

The poll, which was conducted by Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar Group, found that nearly 59 percent of voters say Biden lacks the constitutional authority to force private businesses to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for their employees. That number includes around 68 percent of independents, 84 percent of Republicans, and 27 percent of Democrats.

Nearly 56 percent of voters, including 58 percent of independents, say Biden’s mandate sets a dangerous precedent that future presidents could abuse. Fifty-six percent of voters also support governors’ efforts to oppose Biden’s order.

So it’s hardly a surprise that the courts will fill up with plaintiffs taken Biden to the woodshed for that OSHA rule demanding essentially a vaxx passport for the privilege of making a living at a company with more than 100 employees. And it’s even less a surprise that Louisiana’s Attorney General Jeff Landry is going to enter that fray, likely by joining the multi-state lawsuit Republican AG’s will surely file.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said he will challenge President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 employer vaccine mandate in court if it’s implemented in Louisiana.

Biden’s mandate will apply to businesses with 100 or more employees, be implemented through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and come with potential $14,000 fines per violation.

Landry blasted the proposal in a strongly worded social media statement.

“The decision of an individual to get a COVID shot is not the President’s to make. If Biden attempts to mandate it upon Louisiana citizens, I will challenge his unconstitutional overreach in court,” he said.

Landry has been an outspoken opponent of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations, particularly as a condition of attending Louisiana colleges and universities. He maintains students and residents should have the right to choose.

U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana, holds a similar view. Kennedy also issued a statement on social media.

“I believe the vaccine works and have taken it myself, but I also believe in freedom and civil rights, more importantly. All the Biden vaccine mandate does is politicize the issue and sow even more distrust towards the federal government. Freedom should always win out,” Kennedy tweeted Friday afternoon.

Louisiana’s other U.S. senator, Republican Bill Cassidy, is a medical doctor and critic of the president’s sweeping attempt to increase the country’s COVID-19 vaccination rate.

“President Biden should not mandate private businesses with no connection to the federal government (to) mandate their employees get vaccinated. That is an issue between the employer [and] employee. I am for vaccinations, I am not for the federal government dictating how we live our lives,” Cassidy tweeted.

Biden announced the policy Thursday, saying unvaccinated Americans “can cause a lot of damage, and they are.”

Joe Biden really, really shouldn’t be accusing anybody else of causing damage.

What’s ugly about all of this is so far Corporate America hasn’t said a peep about Biden’s vaxx mandate. That has nothing to do with health, so you know, and everything to do with the descent of this country into a fascist state of economics and governance.

And we aren’t using the term fascism loosely, either. We’re applying it as accurately as we can, using the exact definition that Mussolini coined.

“Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

How does that connect with Big Business’ silence on the vaxx mandates?

Think about this: Amazon came out in favor of the $15 an hour minimum wage idea, and trotted out their hired former Obama stooge Jay Carney to run that advocacy. And why would Amazon do that? Is it because Amazon is such a concerned corporate citizen? Hell, no. Amazon’s profits get plugged into Jeff Bezos’ vanity project of getting to fly around on a spaceship, not things like museums and zoos and feeding the homeless and the other things the robber barons of old regularly did.

No, Amazon was for a federal $15 an hour minimum wage because Amazon pays all of its employees $15 an hour and they know that Mom and Pop brick-and-mortar retailers, who they’re actively engaged in putting out of business, can’t afford to do it. Slap that federal regulation on them, and watch them wither and die, all the easier for Amazon to consolidate their market share and move cheap products from China into your home without you even leaving your house.

The vaxx mandate is no different. It’s a way for the company with 100,000 employees and layers of HR and compliance-department types pre-existing to buffalo their workers into all kinds of requirements and corporate cultist behavior to run over the small company with 100 employees.

Force that small employer to either suffer through costly OSHA compliance requirements or get smaller by reducing employees under 100 to avoid them, or even more sinister to keep companies with less than 100 employees from being willing to grow, and that allows Corporate Stooge Inc. to clear the field for market share they probably didn’t earn.

It’s a form of rent-seeking, and it’s something we’ve seen an epidemic of in the past 10 years. That Corporate America is increasingly woke and increasingly Democrat at the same time it’s going on is not a coincidence.

That issue might or might not come up as the Biden vaxx mandate is litigated, whether by the AG’s or other plaintiffs. But it’s without doubt something which needs more discussion. It’s an even bigger concern than the angry rantings of that doddering dunce in the White House.

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