BLANCO: Biden’s Dark Winter Is Only Just Beginning

“We’re about to go into a dark winter, a dark winter, and he has no clear plan and there’s no prospect that there’s going to be a vaccine available for the majority of the American people before the middle of next year” – Candidate Joe Biden during the debate on October 22, 2020.

Joe Biden is leading us into a dark winter. We’re already feeling the effects of Biden’s economic plan and he says it’s working. Does it feel like it’s working to you? Even the folks at CNN appear to be getting antsy. Well, except for Jim Acosta who looks like he’s yearning to ask Biden a real tough question “Mr. President, will you join me on January 6th? We could snuggle up next to a Reichstag fire a share a banana split.” I know he still works for CNN. I see him staring with envious eyes at Peter Doocy.

The summer of 2008 was a brutal summer. The more you drove that summer, the more brutal it was. Gas was $4.00/gallon and some states it was higher. Suddenly in September gas prices dropped, and the economy collapsed shortly afterwards.  This hardly ever gets cited as a contributing factor to the economic crisis of 2008, but I believe it to be one of the top contributing factors. Gas prices were too high for the general public and it was taking too much out of their budget. Add to that the increased prices of goods due to the transportation cost increasing. So what does a family do? Buying less gas isn’t as much of a practical solution as it is an obvious solution, they still need to get back and forth to work to earn that living.

So what gets cut first is discretionary spending. Going out to eat, vacations, a night out at a movie theatre, and concert attendance start to decline. This in turns causes waiters, waitresses, and other restaurant staff to have their hours cut and tips decrease. Enough discretionary spending cuts from the general public and the first people to be hurt are the lower end of the economic spectrum.

Flash forward to 2021. For the first few months of the Biden administration, Pendejoe was taking credit for the economy, much to the chagrin of the Trump and his supporters. Knowing how the president and his administration loves to give blame and take credit, I was more than happy to let him take credit for the economy. While his administration called inflation “transitory” and blamed Trump for it, it tried to at the same time take credit for prices decreasing. The media, loyal to the Biden administration parroted those very lines. There were some who dared warn that this was not transitory, but for the most part, they were ignored.

As for the jobs report? Here are the numbers since Biden took office.
February +379,000
March +916,000
April +266,000
May +559,000
June +850,000
July +943,000
August +235.000
September +194,000

This sudden downward trend is a bad sign, and looking at the economic spectrum with inflation still climbing at a high rate and those jobs numbers can start becoming negative. Unfortunately the only response from the Biden administration is to blame Covid. He doesn’t acknowledge gas prices, he doesn’t acknowledge inflation, he chooses to live in his crystal castle unaware of the pressure that the average person is feeling.

And the average person is feeling it. This is an off year, and typically people take a break from politics, but as the economic pressure continues to grip people, they are looking at Washington. This is being misread from the political types and mainstream media. They think people are looking to Washington to solve their problems. The reality is, they are looking at Washington and seeing the problem. They are seeing that Biden has turned off our oil production, that Washington’s spending has caused inflation, that crime isn’t being prosecuted and excused, that Merrick Garland uses the FBI as his own personal Gestapo, that we surrendered in Afghanistan. To add more spending and take more money out of people’s paychecks will only capture their attention more.

The Biden administration likes to call itself “the adults” who are back in charge, but adults don’t raid other people’s purses and go on a spending spree.

The traditional tax and spend liberal needs to ask themselves, do they continue to support the Authoritarian Socialist’s extravagant spending plan that rewards their donors? Or do they go with the lesser plan and possibly win re-election? My guess is, they’ll cave to the intimidation tactics.

As for the Republicans, they can’t support the bill, at least not publicly, but I’ll bet there are a few that are whispering that they hope the Democrats pass both bills. It would be terrible for America, but do wonders for the GOP’s political fortunes.

In May I was wondering why Biden’s poll numbers weren’t reflecting his unpopular policies. In August, those started catching up. One can only wonder where those numbers will be in December. Bundle up – because it’ll be a cold, dark winter.

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