HEALTH FREEDOM LOUISIANA: It’s Time to Protect Louisiana Children From LDH

The Louisiana Department of Health’s response to the covid pandemic has largely been an uncritical regurgitation of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance, which to this point — two and half years in — has been not only incredibly inaccurate, inept, and devoid of scientific rationale, but harmful to people’s physical and mental health. Once again, LDH has chosen to spew talking points instead of independently evaluating the data surrounding the covid vaccine’s Emergency Use Authorization for infants and children issued in June. In a letter to the members of the Louisiana Legislature, we provided proof that the marketing material published by the agency does not align with the data presented by Pfizer and Moderna during the VRBPAC and ACIP meetings prior to the granting of the EUA, and more importantly, it does not align with federal laws set forth in Sections X and Y of the Letter of Authorization.

LDH is violating the informed consent stipulation in federal statute by making false and misleading claims that can potentially harm Louisiana citizens and, most importantly, your children. LDH is jeopardizing public health by ignoring and blatantly contradicting the emerging data of an experimental medical intervention that could have serious and lasting harm to an innocent population, our children.

As detailed in our letter, and taken directly from LDH’s communications, these are some of the unsupported claims they are making:

  • Covid vaccines are safe and effective for infants and children
  • Like car seats, COVID vaccines are PROVEN LIFESAVERS
  • Covid vaccines for children underwent rigorous scientific review
  • Covid vaccination will protect themselves and their families
  • …vaccination against COVID-19 will strengthen your child’s immune system, help prevent severe COVID-19 symptoms, and reduce the likelihood of them developing conditions or experiencing complications from COVID-19. Covid vaccination will lower their risks of getting this serious condition [MIS-C] as well as protect them from other COVID complications.
  • Covid vaccination is necessary following natural infection
  • Covid vaccines should be administered along with other vaccines

NONE of these claims are supported by the data presented to VRBPAC or ACIP.

Of the many false claims LDH is perpetuating, one of the most egregious in our opinion is that covid vaccines should be administered along with other vaccines.  The clinical trials expressly prohibited the administration of other vaccines with covid vaccines, yet LDH is promoting the practice in back to school graphics. Infants and children are the MOST heavily vaccinated demographic, receiving 18 doses of various vaccines before 6 months and 34 doses of various vaccines between 6 months and 5 years.

LDH makes NO MENTION that there is no safety data on co-administration with other shots.

We compiled comments from FDA’s June 14-15, 2022 VRBPAC meeting proving that even the committee members are concerned about the lack of studies on co-administration. Watch that HERE.

Parents deserve informed consent regarding these drugs and LDH is obligated under federal law, specifically 21 U.S. Code §360bbb–3. Section e(1)(A)(ii)(II), to provide it.

Additionally, also noted in our letter, recently published data should give immediate pause to an experimental program geared towards infants and children. As Jill explained in the article, Purveyors of Misinformation: Louisiana Department of Health, published by Citizens for a New Louisiana, emergency use authorized drugs are still experimental. Remember, these drugs were rolled out at WARP SPEED with no long-term safety studies. Any indication that these drugs may be harmful should trigger an immediate pause in the administration — especially to infants and children who are at extremely low risk of death from the disease — and yet there seems to be no system in place within LDH to independently evaluate emerging data.


Of concern is a preprint study, Covid-19 vaccinations and all-cause mortality -a long-term differential analysis among municipalities. Though it has not undergone the peer review process yet, it indicates a significantly positive correlation between covid vaccination rates and all-cause mortality, meaning as covid vaccinations rates increased, so did deaths from all-causes. The study authors state:

Our main result remains alarming and calls for more research on the effect of current covid vaccines on all-cause mortality.”

Another preprint study, Serious Adverse Events of Special Interest Following mRNA Vaccination in Randomized Trials, is authored by Louisiana physician, Dr. Joseph Fraiman, along with several other distinguished researchers including Dr. Peter Doshi, Senior Editor of the British Medical Journal. The researchers conducted a secondary analysis of serious adverse events during Pfizer and Moderna’s phase 3 clinical trials and found that:

“Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were associated with an increased risk of serious adverse events of special interest, with an absolute risk increase of 10.1 and 15.1 per 10,000 vaccinated over placebo baselines of 17.6 and 42.2 (95% CI -0.4 to 20.6 and -3.6 to 33.8), respectively.”

In other words, there is one additional serious adverse event for every 800 people vaccinated. Not only is that very high for a vaccine, but no other vaccine on the market comes close. These are just a few of the very concerning issues that we have shared with the members of the Louisiana Legislature in an effort to ask them to withdraw the recommendation by LDH of these shots for infants and children, a demographic that has never been threatened with severe outcomes from SARS-CoV-2 infection.

What can you do?

Please join us in requesting the help of the legislature to demand that LDH withdraw their recommendation for covid vaccination for infants and children and for LDH to provide informed consent as required by federal law to Louisiana parents.

  1. Add your name to our petition to withdraw the recommendation for covid vaccination for infants and children HERE.
  2. Contact your state legislators and tell them to act on this issueHERE. We are seeking a joint resolution from the House and Senate Health and Welfare Committees to (1) withdraw the recommendation for covid vaccination for infants and children AND (2) ensure parents must be given informed consent in regards to covid vaccination.
  3. Share this information with family and friends!


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