BREAKING: They Found That Second Trove Of Biden Docs IN HIS GARAGE

Fox News had the story, courtesy of its White House reporter Peter Doocy, and it’s hilarious – or it would be, if it wasn’t so outrageous. Here’s the video of Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino talking about it…

So here’s what we’ve got so far.

We have a trove of documents uncovered a week before the midterm elections – during which one of the key narratives Joe Biden’s party was spinning was that Republicans are very Trumpy and Trump was keeping “nuclear secrets” at Mar-A-Lago – at a “think tank” in Washington. That “think tank” that paid Biden a million dollars in 2017 and 2018 was funded with $55 million of money from foreigners, including some $14 million from Chinese “businessmen” connected with the Chinese Communist Party, and yet there were classified – including Top Secret – documents covering U.S. foreign policy concerning the UK, Iran and Ukraine.

And this, we were told, was nothing like what happened at Mar-A-Lago which necessitated a SWAT raid on Trump’s house to secure documents which were held in a locked storage room in a facility protected by the Secret Service. Which is true, though not in the way it was presented, because Trump was president and thus had the power to declassify anything he wanted and it’s axiomatic that the act of removing those documents from the White House would constitute a declassification in and of itself.

But Joe Biden wasn’t the president. He was the Vice President. And he had no power to declassify documents. So spiriting them away would have been a violation of the Federal Records Act, and then storing them in an unsecured location not protected by the Secret Service – and funded by foreign entities including Chinese Communist Party apparatchiks would, it might seem, suggest a level of access to those documents nobody should be comfortable with.

What would those documents cover?

Well, the last-game Obama administration Joe Biden served in was using the UK as a cutout to assist in spying on the Trump campaign in 2016, and Joe Biden was in on that. It was reported long ago that Biden was in one of the meetings during the transition suggesting that Mike Flynn be charged with a Logan Act violation when Flynn was being entrapped by the FBI, for example. So one wonders whether those files didn’t have something to do with formulating the Trump-Russia hoax.

Files on Iran? Lord, who knows what that could cover.

Then there’s Ukraine, and of course we know that’s a veritable cornucopia of corruption and outrage. Someone circulated this earlier in the week…

Joe Biden stealing classified documents about Ukraine is not a good look. We’ll just leave it at that before this post has to become a book.

And then we find out he has more files laying around in his GARAGE at his house in Wilmington. Yes, the Secret Service does protect that, but how long were those files there before he became president and rated Secret Service protection?

Naturally this stuff is all being turned over to the Justice Department, which is politicized and weaponized and essentially a praetorian guard for the Biden regime, so it’ll all be buried. And it’s turned over to DOJ before the House of Representatives, which is now run by Republicans, would be able to access it as part of investigations they’d run.

And now none of it can be turned over to the House because it’s “part of a DOJ investigation” that’ll never go anywhere.

Earlier this week I wrote at The American Spectator that this is all impeachable and that Biden needs to be put under the hot lamp. I don’t know whether an impeachment investigation would top a DOJ investigation in terms of priority; it seems like a really good argument can be made that it does.


And yes, it’s worth it to impeach Biden even if it’s unlikely the Senate would remove him. The process is the punishment, as Trump found out. Besides, shake the tree and you never know what might fall out.

Perhaps House Speaker Kevin McCarthy might give an ultimatum to the Biden administration – appoint a special or independent prosecutor on this stuff or face impeachment. Maybe that’ll secure something out of DOJ other than the cover-up we know is coming.

Again, this is very much like the Hillary Clinton email mess – it isn’t so much the failure to protect sensitive information; it’s what that sensitive information was and what it might have revealed. Hillary wouldn’t store her emails on a government server because then FOIA requests would have revealed that she was running a pay-for-play State Department.

And in Biden’s case, he stole classified files because he didn’t want anybody investigating the criminal corruption he and his family were involved with in Ukraine and other places.

Otherwise the juice wouldn’t have been worth the squeeze.

None of this is really all that complicated. It’s just ugly and disgusting. We have quite possibly the most corrupt and unfit president in American history and we’re to the point where no matter how stupid Kamala Harris is we simply can’t continue with Joe Biden as the leader of the free world very much longer.

The fact this is starting to come out should tell you there are Democrats who agree. Somebody is throwing Biden under the bus; otherwise, you wouldn’t be hearing about these things now. They managed to keep this stuff quiet until after the midterms were over, didn’t they?



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