“Fiscal Conservatism”, By State Rep Jay Morris

Last time I talked about State Rep. Jay Morris (R-Monroe), I described how his stealth tax increase was defeated by the Legislature. As you can expect, Morris didn’t like how we described that legislation.

The state of Louisiana will be collecting money that it otherwise wouldn’t be collecting. There is no offsetting tax cut by an equal amount. Yes, that bill is a tax increase.

Scott got involved in this discussion:

Morris responded:

Morris should’ve just ended here and gone on to the Elephant Stomp, but he didn’t for some reason.

So in the economic thinking of Jay Morris: not paying taxes = subsidy.

That line of thinking only makes sense if you believe that every dollar belongs to the government and we the serfs should be grateful for the money that the government allows us to keep. That kind of mentality is what I expect from a member of the communist Cuban National Assembly, not an allegedly Republican member of the Louisiana House of Representatives. It should be no surprise that in the recent Tax Orgy Day, Jay Morris voted 10 out 11 times to raise your taxes.

Scott though continued to try and teach Morris about real fiscal conservatism.

Real fiscal conservatives when they close tax loopholes cut taxes across the board to make up for the increased revenue. More importantly, this crop of “fiscal conservatives” has been running the show for 4+ years now. Why didn’t they engage in real tax reform that would’ve closed loopholes, eliminated deductions, *and* lowered overall tax rates. Why does Louisiana still have a corporate income tax since it only collects around $200 million or so?

Here’s what he had to say for himself:

Morris did file a bill, that went nowhere, replacing the state income tax with a flat tax. But he filed a lot more bills to raise taxes on everything else. He wanted higher income taxes, higher sales taxes, higher corporate taxes, and higher taxes on businesses. There weren’t any bills proposed to cut spending either. He also wanted to dedicate 1% of the sales tax to education because we don’t have enough dedicated funds or something.

The reason why Louisiana is in the fiscal mess we’re in is because we continue to elect “fiscal conservatives” like Jay Morris. Instead of cutting Louisiana’s bloated government, these guys want to whine about “corporate welfare”. According to the Tax Policy Center, Louisiana spends more on state government than any other state in the Southeast.

Remember Jay Morris’s “fiscal conservatism” in October.



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