BAYHAM: Beware Of False Prophets

The fate of the Republic is at stake! implored President Barack Obama as the man elected to be the nation’s healer in chief assumed his preferred role as divider in chief.

Many conservatives can’t help but let out a chuckle at the great statement in presidential hyperbole.

The irony of such caterwauling by a man who has unilaterally assumed with phone, pen, and tremendous audacity far reaching executive powers not granted to him by either Congress or the Constitution.

That such alarmist rhetoric was employed on behalf of a candidate who has demonstrated that she is beyond being held accountable for her illicit activities committed as both one of the country’s highest ranking public servants and as a private citizen makes Obama’s comments more farcical than ironic.

Yet the president cannot damage the Republican nominee’s chances of victory.

After eight years, even those who gave that seemingly nice eloquent man the benefit of the doubt in 2012 know they got conned, from the hope that his election would improve the country’s frayed race relations to the disingenuously pitched benefits of his signature legislative achievement, ObamaCare.

Tens of millions of people are quite literally paying the price for that flim-flam.

The false prophets inflicting the most damage are the ones allegedly on “our” side, the Glenn Becks, Erick Ericksons, George Wills, Mitt Romney, and la famille Bush sans George P.

By actively working to undermine the Republican Party in 2016 they are protecting their personal political angles and financial interests not our rights and sovereignty.

They waged jihad against Trump from the start and want…scratch that NEED him to lose.

There are two false prophets who deserve special attention though they don’t enjoy the same public profile as the aforementioned.

Meet Paul Hastings.

Many of you, particularly Evangelicals, have seen this uplifting video titled Faith Trumps Fear floating around the internet featuring a dynamic well spoken young Christian speaking about how God is in control thus the election is irrelevant and a vote for a hopeless alternative to Trump and Clinton is the righteous path.

The logo for the operation tastelessly features a cross, to truly make it seem sincere.

But the site doesn’t mention is that Mr. Hastings is a political consultant.  And while running a judicial candidate’s campaign in Texas, Mr. Hastings aggressively pushed his client’s pro life credentials.

Yet Mr. Hastings doesn’t seem too concerned that facilitating the election of Hillary Clinton by encouraging Evangelicals to waste their vote on a third party candidate will further advance the pro abortion agenda through Supreme Court appointments and executive actions.

Faith Trumps Fear is a con job targeting understandably frustrated Christian voters.  It’s not about stopping Hillary but all about trumping The Donald.

And then there’s the neo con nominee.

Evan McMullin isn’t a longshot candidate for president, he’s a no shot presidential candudate acting as a political saboteur for the benefit of electing Hillary Clinton.

Every vote for McMullin is one deducted from the column of the only candidate who can defeat Clinton.

But it gets worse.

McMullin, who is a Mormon, is dedicating his resources and time to just one state. In fact you could say he’s running for president of Utah.

The idea is that in a conservative state where Trump was demolished in the Republican caucuses McMullin is hoping to split enough of the vote to either take Utah from Trump or hand the Beehive State’s electoral votes to Clinton.  Utah hasn’t voted Democrat for president since LBJ crushed Goldwater in 1964.

Mission accomplished either way.

Though he’s running third there, what if McMullin becomes the first third party candidate to carry a state since George Wallace in 1968?

What would Mr. McMullin’s Utah electors do, particularly if neither Clinton nor Trump hit 270?

Sell out to Clinton, which they could in advance of the December meeting of state electors?

Throw it to the House in the hope that he and his sponsors could convince the Republican caucus to elect a man who carried a single state?

The latter would wreck the electoral college, the GOP, and people’s faith in government in one fell swoop.

Yet Mr. Trump is somehow the existential threat to the Republic and democracy.

Trump has committed to appointing real conservatives to the Supreme Court, and for once even provided specifics by naming names.

Imagine that: no more David Souters, John Paul Stevens, Anthony Kennedys, John Robertses or other Easter egg moderates and liberals appointed by past Republican presidents.

We’d be getting Mike Lee or a reasonable judicial facsimile thereof.

A vote for Trump is in essence a vote for Mike Lee on the Supreme Court.

Contrary to histrionics of the resident constitutional scholar at 1600  Pennsylvania Avenue, neither the Republic nor the Constitution is on the ballot on November 8th, but constitutional government and the Bill of Rights are.

If you want to regain the former and retain the latter, you should cast your ballot for the Republican presidential electors.

Anything else is a vote for Barack Obama to the Supreme Court.

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