WATSON: If Obama’s Farewell Speech Tonight Was Honest…

Tonight, from Chicago, President Barack Obama will deliver his farewell address with just ten days left in office.

No doubt, he’ll tout what he considers his accomplishments, plead with President-Elect Trump to keep Obamacare and other liberal pet projects, and impart some of his “wisdom” on the American public.

If President Obama were going to be honest tonight, however, here’s some things he may mention:

1. The Labor Force Participation Rate, which measures the share of Americans at least 16 years old working or looking for work is an abysmal 62.7%, a 39-year low.
2. Despite campaigning in 2008 as someone who would stop the “reckless” wars started under President George W. Bush, President Obama is the first president to be at war during all eight years of his presidency.
3. Despite his campaign of peace, hope and change, Obama ordered over 500 drone strikes in the Middle East, ten times that of President Bush. Those drone strikes killed 391 civilians-more than double that under President Bush.
4. His promise of massive health care savings and “If you like your plan, you can keep it” both turned out to be lies. In fact, “if you like your plan” was rated “Lie of the Year” by Politifact.
5. Regardless of Eric Holder’s claims that this administration has been “scandal-free,” Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the NSA leaks, the IRS bullying of conservatives, the VA, and Solyndra all happened during the Obama era.
6. Obama doubled the national debt-that means he’s added more to the debt in his eight years than all other presidents combined.
7. Relationships with American allies have continued to deteriorate-to his insulting the British in his first year in office, to his refusal to stand by Israel in his last, America’s standing among her greatest friends has taken a massive hit from the community organizer. Furthermore, our enemies like Russia and Iran don’t fear us, especially after Obama’s bowing to Iran on nuclear weapons, his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “Russia reset,” and his broken promise to act if Syria crossed the “red line” by using chemical weapons.
8. Obama used his “phone and pen” to issue 260 executive orders. Executive orders aren’t bad in and of themselves-they’re often used by the President to help agencies of the executive branch manage operations, but Obama’s have been attempts to circumvent Congress and create law. One only needs to look at his executive order on immigration that was overturned in 2016 to see how lawless this former Constitutional law professor has been.
9. Obama’s withdrawal of America from the world stage has also led to the rise of ISIS, who, as of 2015, had killed at least 33,000 people.
10. His claim that no foreign terrorist group staged an attack on American soil, while some say it’s technically true, is Obama spin at its finest. The attacks in Boston, San Bernardino, Ft. Hood, and Orlando all happened under Obama’s tenure.
11. Closer to home, his war on fossil fuels, which includes his moratorium on drilling after the BP oil spill, have crippled Louisiana families and energy industries, leading to climbing unemployment in the Pelican State.

An honest farewell address would start there, and include references to the embarrassing Bowe Bergdahl swap, the downgrade of America’s credit, and his allowing China to become more powerful under his tenure. Despite a promise of “hope and change,” Obama promised us “hope and change” eight years ago-“fear and failure” may have been a better slogan.

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