The More We Find Out About The Calvin Toney Case, The More That Officer Deserves A Medal

It turns out that our initial assumptions about the circumstances surrounding the police shooting of Calvin Toney at a North Baton Rouge apartment complex, a shooting which occurred when a Baton Rouge Police officer accompanied a case worker from the Department of Child and Family Services to investigate potential child abuse and a scuffle broke out between the officer and Toney, were correct.

Namely, that Toney was a child abuser of long standing and a textbook villain overall. It also turns out that his live-in girlfriend was every bit the monster Toney was.

The live-in girlfriend of a man shot and killed by police escorting a child welfare worker on an investigation Monday night had just been arrested on cruelty to juvenile charges.

The WBRZ Investigative Unit obtained arrest information in the hours after the shooting of Calvin Toney who’d also been convicted on similar charges in previous years.

Police arrested Naima Kimber, 24, on second-degree cruelty to juvenile charges on Saturday after Kimber’s two-year-old boy was taken to a hospital emergency room for burns on his feet. Doctors reported to police that the unidentified child also had fractured ribs and burns to his lower shin.

According to arrest records obtained by WBRZ, Kimber told investigators the most recent burns were from a spilled bucket of hot water and the other burn was from earlier in the month when the boy burned himself with an iron. The rib injuries, Kimber said, were from falling off a toy truck.

Kimber’s arrest came just days before state Department of Children and Family Services were investigating abuse allegations at her apartment where Toney was staying.

The bad part about Kimber going to jail would be that ostensibly her boy would be left with Toney, who in 2012 apparently left his then-one-year-old daughter on a countertop next to a hot stove, which resulted in third-degree burns to her arm, wrist and hand. And to add a little extra spice to the pot, when the girl was examined doctors found multiple fractures in various stages of healing on the girl’s body, and police arrested both parents for cruelty to a juvenile; both got five years’ probation. Then in 2014 Toney was arrested again, this time for a home invasion and for choking the girlfriend.

As we understand it this is a different baby-mama. He sure knows how to pick ’em, doesn’t he?

Reports are that Kimber’s son was not in the apartment with Toney when the case worker and the cop showed up. We don’t know where the boy is, and we also don’t know the status of the daughter.

But with parents like these, what we do know is these kids are more or less doomed.

So are we if the social justice warrior crowd gets away with making Calvin Toney some sort of Mike Brown-Alton Sterling cause celebre. Last night Kevin Boyd chronicled some of the idiocy erupting on Twitter yesterday in the wake of the shooting, and there are more. Without belaboring the stupidity, here’s an example…

The Calvin Toney Burial Fund GoFundMe has collected a grand total of twenty bucks as of this writing. Perhaps the Calvin Toney’s Abused Children Adoption Fund might have better results. So far as we know nobody in the family has bothered to put that idea into execution.

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