APPEL: The Irony Of John Bel Edwards’ “Are You Better Off?” Question

Recently, in a Tweet, Governor John Bel Edwards stole a line from President Ronald Reagan. Without attribution he stated as his own the famous quote, “Are you better off today than four years ago”.

There is incredible irony and a bit of cynicism in this. Ronald Reagan was known as the Father of the greatest boom time in American history, that is until Donald Trump became President. And how did that all come about? Well, Reagan reversed all the terrible Democrat policies of his predecessor Jimmy Carter. In Louisiana it is John Bel Edwards that has instituted the Carter-like policies that have left our state stuck as dead last in the nation even as the nation revels in the greatest boom-time since Reagan. And yet he is so cynical that he steals a quote from a President who undid exactly what he stands for.

Just remember, Reagan asked that fateful question of Democrat Carter and then proceeded to revoke everything that Carter stood for. The result was a very long cycle of prosperity. How ironic is this, the governor of Louisiana quotes Reagan even as the only way that Louisiana can recover from his bad policies is revoke them. And the only way to do that is to elect a new governor who, like Reagan did to Carter, will also bring us out of John Bel Edwards’ four years of malaise.

I hope that I am not the only one to see the irony in the governor’s cynicism. He doesn’t realize that he is in effect telling voters to throw him out of office so we too can enjoy the type of prosperity brought on when Reagan dumped Carter.

As to the answer Edwards expects the voters to give, the answer “Oh yes Mr. Governor, we are so much better,” the fact is we are not. We are the worst performing state in the nation during the Trump boom. We are the only state to have lost jobs year over year. Through last year we have suffered about 68,000 Louisianans out-migrate for better opportunities. We have the second highest sales tax rate in the country.

Yes, we have seen a small dip in the unemployment rate but that is in bad way due to Governor Edwards and in a good has nothing to do with him. Because during Edwards’ term so many workers have left Louisiana, there is a statistical decline in unemployment; plainly there are fewer people looking for work because so many moved away.


But the main reason that unemployment is lower is because President Trump has waved the magic wand that President Obama said didn’t exist, he ended Democrat policies like those that Governor Edwards has imposed on us, and almost as if by magic, the economy boomed. To some extent Louisiana tagged along with the Trump economy and that caused our unemployment rate to drop a bit.

What is fortunate is that President Trump’s economy is so strong that it had enough strength to overcome the economy depressing policies of the Edwards’ administration. Had the Obama economy remained in place, coupled with Edwards’ liberal, business hostile Administration, Louisiana’s jobless rate would have rocketed up and our highways would have become jammed with the moving vans of departing citizens.

Yes, Governor Edwards we are better off and thank you Presidents Reagan and Trump for that.



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