BAYHAM: Winners And Losers From New Hampshire

The votes are in (unlike Iowa) from the Granite State and three people walk away with delegates, two folded their tents while 90% of the vote was out, and a few will be “walk of shame” staggering to South Carolina.

Here’s a breakdown on who won something and others who lost more than they could afford.


Amy Klobuchar: The story of the night. Though running third, the Minnesota US Senator surprisingly vaulted past a former vice-president and a neighboring US Senator (Warren).

Pete Buttigieg: A few more percentage points and Mayor Pete would’ve pulled a major upset though a strong second over some notables continued to show political strength.

Bernie Sanders: In a race far closer than expected, Sanders can finally claim a clean win as the race for the nomination heads to Vegas.

New Hampshire: The state came off smelling like a rose with a smooth and non-controversial election and prompt reporting of results.

In contrast, Iowa might lose their leadoff caucus but New Hampshire should survive a reformation of the primary system and calendar.

The last bastion of true retail presidential politics, the New Hampshire “First in the Nation” primary should be preserved.

President Donald Trump: The state that gave The Donald his first election win, the now POTUS swooped down and performed a massive troll job of the Democratic contenders on the eve of the primary, dominating coverage with his trademark packed mega MAGA rally in Manchester.

It paid dividends driving up turnout and nabbing Trump a hefty 85% in the primary, five points higher than President Barack Obama in his 2012 New Hampshire primary total.


Joe Biden: What’s worse than finishing fourth in Iowa? Coming in fifth in New Hampshire. Things can’t possibly get worse for the former vice-president, right?

Elizabeth Warren: The Fortune Teller said she’d beat Biden in Iowa and New Hampshire.

In all seriousness, dropping down a spot in a state whose population center is practically a suburb of Boston does not bode well for Warren. Super Tuesday will likely be her last stand.


Yang & the Gang: After two bad showings, Andrew Yang pulled the plug on a campaign that should have kicked off in Nevada.

When I covered Colorado US Senator Michael Bennet at an event in Dartmouth the night before the primary, I asked him what was next. He froze a second and then blurted “South Carolina,” though I suspect he wanted to blurt out “home”.

Also Deval Patrick ran for president too. He even had signs. On medians.

Tulsi Gabbard: The Ron Paul of the left underperformed in a state that seemed tailor made for her. The decision before her isn’t whether she stays in this race but whether she buds Aloha to the Democratic Party.

Bill Weld: The ex-Massachusetts governor needed ten percent to claim a delegate. Thanks to Trump’s rally he got neither, falling a single percentage point short.

Dixville Notch: Instead of reflecting what voters are thinking, three of the area’s five voters wrote in Mike Bloomberg and tried to create a trend.

And it didn’t work as Bloomberg write-ins didn’t surpass candidates that have since dropped out.

With the Balsams still closed and the number of voters much smaller than other midnight voting sites, don’t be surprised if the media opts to cover more accessible locales in four years.

Letting the camera lights get to their head, Dixville Notch jumped the shark with their exercise in creative balloting.



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