The Blue Flu Comes To Atlanta

This is going to be an extremely interesting, and dangerous, next few days to watch in Atlanta, with significant importance for the rest of the country.

Multiple sources in the Atlanta area are telling Law Officer that multiple Atlanta police officers are walking off the job now.

One source advised Law Officer that “…..entire zones of Atlanta PD Officers just drove their cars to their precincts, dropped off their keys and went home.”

We have not confirmed the reports with the agency.

Reports also indicate that surrounding agencies have refused to assist the city as protests and riots are popping up in the city limits.

We haven’t heard too many reports about riots breaking out last night, but there are no guarantees for this weekend. Correctional officers and state police were being cannibalized to answer 911 calls Wednesday as entire police districts went offline. Police scanners were quiet Wednesday, either because dispatchers walked off the job or there was no point in attempting to dispatch APD officers who had decided to stay home.

All because Atlanta’s district attorney Paul Howard Jr., who is likely headed for a major re-election defeat in coming weeks, decided to pander to the electorate by grossly overcharging APD officers Garret Rolfe and Devin Brosnan. As Erick Erickson noted this morning

There are some details you may not be aware of.

First, Paul Howard is under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for allegations that Howard has supplemented his income inappropriately through a non-profit.

Second, as a result of the investigation, Howard is fighting for his political life. He is currently struggling in a runoff election to keep his job. As a result, Howard is playing up the situation to help him win.

Third, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is required to conduct an investigation of any officer-involved shooting. That investigation has not yet concluded, the report has not been written, and the District Attorney did not consult with or seek advice from the GBI prior to filing charges. That is highly, highly unusual.

Two weeks ago, two black police officers smashed the windows of a vehicle and tasered the black college students in the vehicle. The students did not obey orders to stop during the Atlanta protests that had turned violent. The Mayor of Atlanta fired the officers and Paul Howard charged them on the grounds that they had discharged “deadly weapons.” I intentionally mention the races of the parties involved because one of the allegations made against the officers is that they participated in white supremacy culture.

Yesterday, in indicting Officer Rolfe, Howard claimed a taser was not a deadly weapon and Officer Rolfe should, therefore, not have fired his weapon after Brooks tried to shoot Rolfe with the taser.

Additionally, at the press conference, Howard claimed Rolfe’s partner, Officer Brosnan, would plead guilty and be a witness for the prosecution against Rolfe. Brosnan’s lawyer denies all of that. Brosnan’s lawyer says there will be no guilty plea and no cooperation with the state.

The inconsistency of the DA’s statements about tasers probably insures it’s impossible to get a murder conviction against Rolfe. If Howard wants to say in the case of the college students that a taser is a deadly weapon in police hands but it isn’t one in Rayshard Brooks’ hands, he’s probably going to lose both cases.

And he’s clearly lost the police.

Because when the word gets out that the Blue Flu has fully engulfed the city of Atlanta, the criminal element in that city will explode onto the streets and riots are inevitable. There’s a whole lot of nice stuff in the stores of that city, and it doesn’t take much to get the rabble moving in to steal it.

We’ve already seen that Atlanta has its share of rioters and looters. The Atlanta Police Department, for all its faults, has been the shield against that criminal element sacking the city. But Howard has lost the police with his politicization of the Brooks case, overcharging the police before the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has even concluded its investigation and presented its findings.

And what happens in Atlanta could well foreshadow what happens in the rest of the country, in which urban Democrat politicians are busy attempting to villify the police through efforts to defund them, strip them of qualified immunity (an effort which was made here in Louisiana by the Legislative Black Caucus, together with disappointing support from Republican House members Richard Nelson and Thomas Pressly; thankfully it failed in committee) and even disband them. The response by police officers is building, and it’s predictable; they’re retiring, quitting and just not showing up.


Mind you, this is not happening in the suburbs. It’s only happening in Democrat-run cities. The obvious trend will be that police in the cities will flock to employment in suburban police and sheriff’s departments where they’re supported by local governments and the population, and what will be left in the cities will be the cops who couldn’t land the good jobs outside the city limits.

Morale will get worse. Recruitment will be a nightmare. Crime will increase. Cities will become ungovernable. Economies will collapse – not throughout the metropolitan areas, mind you; the activity will be the same, but it will grow in the suburbs at the expense of the cities.

This is happening in the wake of the COVID-19 panic, which accelerated an inevitable shift toward home-officing and remote work. People who had been forced to commute into the cities were all of a sudden able to prove they could do their jobs from home, and lots of companies are now weighing whether to continue forking over for expensive downtown office rent. That major lifestyle change coupled with a major negative shift in the economic viability of increasingly unsafe cities is a double-sided death knell.

The incompetence and corruption of the urban Democrat political machines has been a metastasizing failure for decades. We’re beginning to see it come to a head. The Atlanta Blue Flu might well be the catalytic event which leads to a complete capital urban evacuation; not just in Atlanta but nationwide.



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