FAGAN: No Flattening The Curve Of NOLA’s Carjacking, Leftism Epidemics

On Monday of this week, Erica Broussard, a 33-year-old mother was picking up her young boy from therapy in the Mid-City neighborhood of New Orleans. She says she got out from the driver’s side to put her boy in his car seat when another vehicle sped into their parking lot. A passenger jumped out, put a gun to her face and shouted, “back the f@#k up.” The thug then jumped in her car and drove off.

Broussard called it the worst and scariest experience of her life.

This was at 5 pm. It was still daylight. Several witnessed the carjacking. The carjacker didn’t care. Why should he? In a city where 3 in 4 murders go unsolved, why not live a life of crime terrorizing locals? Why not take what you want when you want it even if it’s not yours?

Fox 8 News in New Orleans reports carjackings are up more than 100% this year. The mean streets of New Orleans are that way not by accident. Decades of soft on crime Democrats running the place made them that way. New Orleanians haven’t elected a Republican mayor since 1870.

Erica Broussard, her young son, and her fellow citizens pay a heavy price for that every day.

It’s getting worse. New Orleanians have gone from electing liberal Democrats for decades to most recently placing in City Hall a full-blown hard-core Leftist in Latoya Cantrell.

How far Left is Cantrell? Last year she took a delegation to Cuba hoping to learn from the Communist government running the small island nation of oppressed citizens.

She’s fought for lowered bail for career criminals and the emptying of city jails. Cantrell has also begun to furlough NOPD officers while the homicide rate in New Orleans is skyrocketing.

Cantrell also co-sponsored an anti-Semitic resolution as a city council member calling for a boycott of Israel. The resolution was eventually rescinded after even many liberals including former Mayor Mitch Landrieu condemned it.

I’ve dealt with and debated hardcore Leftists like Cantrell most of my adult life. Two things most all of them have in common. They hate Israel and they hate Christians.

When delusional social justice warriors and anti-American zealots filled the streets of New Orleans earlier this year to protest during the height of the COVID-19 scare, Cantrell thanked the clueless useful idiot protestors. She described their protests as beautiful.

But Cantrell had a quite different take on a much smaller gathering this past weekend. Three or four hundred Christians gathered in front of Jackson Square on Saturday to pray for New Orleans and our nation. They also sang worship songs. It was really nothing more than an outdoor church service.

“While this was under the guise of a religious activity or event, we know it put our people in danger,” Cantrell complained.

“Under the guise of a religious event?” Does Cantrell believe they were fake praying and singing worship songs?

My experience with hard Leftists is they typically despise Christianity so intensely; they honestly can’t help themselves in criticizing and demonizing believers.

The tax-dodging mayor then promised, “to pursue every angle possible to hold these individuals accountable.” She called the gathering reckless.


The Times-Picayune/Advocate also got in on the Christian bashing. The newspaper is full of hard-core Leftists so that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Keith Spera, who writes about music and culture for the paper, wrote: “What in God’s name were they thinking?

He called the organizer of the event, Sean Feucht, a shrewd promoter. Feucht is from California and is well known among charismatic Christians. He’s travelling the country holding outside worship services often in defiance of tyrannical types like Cantrell who are shutting down church services.

Spera accused Feucht of believing “Christians who gather, unmasked, in large crowds are somehow immune from the virus.”

“The many thousands of dead Christians COVID-19 victims might beg to differ,” wrote Spera.

What do you think would have happened if Spera would have written the same thing about the much larger crowds during the Black Lives Matter protests earlier this year in New Orleans?

I can tell you from experience, it would have never been printed. And Spera would have most likely been fired for touching on a topic off-limits for a paper always striving to be the wokest rag in the land.

Spera accused Feucht of preaching a brand of irresponsibility gospel. But this past weekend the French Quarter was full of partiers walking shoulder to shoulder, many of them not wearing a mask. Why didn’t Spera or Cantrell call out and condemn those folks? I think we know why.

Opposing and criticizing Christianity and Judaism is a requirement for a true follower and disciple of the poisonous, deceptive, and deadly ideology of Leftism.

Dan Fagan is a regular contributor at The Hayride and hosts a talk show on Iheart radio. Email Dan: Faganshow@gmail.com



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