Trump In 2024? Regretfully, Nah.

Yesterday it rattled around a bit that President Trump was considering running again in 2024 in the event Joe Biden and his handlers are successful in converting the failed and likely stolen 2020 election into an inauguration in January.

President Trump has told close advisers that he is considering running for president in the 2024 election, according to a report from Axios.

If he decided to make another run for the White House in 2024, he would be the odds-on favorite in a GOP primary given his level of support among Republican voters.

U.S. presidents are only allowed to serve two terms, but those terms are not required to be consecutive. The only president in history to serve two non-consecutive terms is President Grover Cleveland, who served as the 22nd and 24th president.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Monday that Trump should run again in 2024 if his legal battles do not win him the election in 2020. The Trump campaign has launched suits challenging vote counts in several states.

“I would encourage him to think about doing it,” said Graham on Fox News Radio.

With all due respect to the President, who in four years has done to correct a generation of mistakes and worse by American policymakers than anyone could have imagined, we’re going to have to say no on this one.

First of all because what we really want is for Trump to be ineligible to run in 2024. We want this election not to be stolen and we want him to have a second term rather than for Dirty Joe Biden and all his corrupt baggage and mental decline to plunge the country into chaos and lawlessness for the next four years.

But by 2024, the President will be as old as the Usurper is now. And while he is amazingly spry for his age, even a Donald Trump at 78 years old is not the option we need.

In fact, Trump’s second term – or, if it must be Dirty Joe’s only term, or as long into it as he survives before his dementia and poor health remove him from office – should be the end of Baby Boomer governance in this country.

We’re not going to trash that generation altogether, as it’s had its moments in American politics. But the presidential leadership of the Boomers, starting with Bill Clinton and leading to George W. Bush, created most of the errors Trump has had to fix.

We should be passing the torch to a generation far better suited to lead America into the next couple of decades. It’s time for Generation X, which has been waiting its turn while the Boomers careened from dodging the Vietnam War to engaging America in foreign conflicts with a lot less value to our national interests, spent the country into oblivion and surrendered the cultural institutions to 1960’s-style radicals, to get a chance at cleaning this country up.

Gen X is the generation who grew up with affirmative action, the first generation not to be guaranteed the opportunity to prosper above and beyond its predecessor, the generation witnessing the broad decline of America’s largest cities and the last generation whose education was not poisoned by our educational system. It’s Gen X entrepreneurs who created the sharing economy, fracking, blockchain technology and lots of other transformational and disruptive technology.

Gen X isn’t married to, and in fact is suspicious of, America’s legacy governmental institutions and policies, most of which not only need to go but can’t survive. Few in Gen X have much use for the Post Office, even fewer have any faith Social Security will be around when they retire, virtually none think the federal bureaucracy is needed or capable to implement the social services or policy goods the country wants.


Gen X grew up during the Reagan presidency and idolized Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris and the Karate Kid. Gen X understands America as the nation which won the Cold War. Gen X’ers remember the original Red Dawn and saw it at the theater, and remember that it was damned possible as a prophecy of what was coming. Gen X’ers look at China and wonder what kind of corruption or stupidity would ever countenance getting in bed with them.

Gen X’ers love Trump, and not just because he represents the muscular capitalism and toughness of our formative years, but because he’s the antithesis of the weak-kneed soy-eating cultural Marxists populating our cultural institutions and also because he’s not afraid to stick it to lying politicians, particularly of the Baby Boom generation, who have driven the country into decline.

There are a whole host of Gen X Republicans on the national scene who deserve the opportunity to become the future of the GOP. Ted Cruz is one. Kristi Noem is another. So is Ron DeSantis. There are lots of others – very smart, clear-eyed, tough people who know what America can be and has been and recognize the threat we’re under.

America needs that perspective. It needs Trump’s suspicion of the elite and the powerful, but in a package 25 or so years younger than Trump will be at 78.

None of this is an attack or criticism of the President. It’s just a statement of what is. After the next four years it’s going to be time to move on from the Baby Boomers. It might already be.



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