BATISTE: LaToya “The DeStroya” Cantrell Absurdly Honored On Performance

A little-known New Orleans publication labeled mayor LaToya Cantrell the Personof the Year for 2020, a naming that immediately produced criticism from different corners of the city. The mayor has been hands-on with Covid-19 since things cranked up in March 2020. And she made some tough decisions despite those decisions resulting in a hail of criticism. But naming Cantrell person of the year is ridiculous, even for the New Orleans Tribune.

The grounds for criticism are mostly Cantrell’s doing. Exploring more recent news, Cantrell opted to spend $500,000 on putting a trans rapper on a national broadcast to show off the city on New Year’s Eve. $500,000. That money was tied to tourism, but if the city had access to funds to help the city’s image, it would have been much better spent by investing it in first responders, more specifically the New Orleans Police Department. Raise the salaries of the NOPD. Use more money on continued training. First responders can never have too much training. Their job is difficult and often begins with police entering a situation most other people want to avoid. Instead of helping finance these embattled heroes, Cantrell blew the money on Big Freedia and predictably inserted herself into the broadcast.

One of the more glaring parts of the article was Cantrell, rounding out 2.5 years as mayor, saying she deserved a public monument, but such a memorial is held back due to her sex and race. “I think if I were a man, I would have a statue by now based on what we have been able to do. But a lot of the things go unacknowledged simply because I am a woman and I am Black,” Cantrell told the Tribune. Elected officials almost never get honored with monuments during their time in office. Dictators and emperors however have honored themselves with monuments during their reign. For someone who knows she makes controversial decisions and makes inciteful statements, she should be well aware that her popularity would likely not result in a monument. Note that she also inserted race into the comment. As if White people have a monopoly on erecting monuments. Sure, the Black community is establishing itself not as builders but as destroyers and destroyers of monuments, but they can build monuments.

The most ignorant part of the Tribune’s article quoting Cantrell centers around race. New Orleans has a black majority. It is run by Black elected and appointed officials. It has been this way since Moon Landrieu was elected in 1970. Race is the biggest farce in New Orleans. Black people are the majority, meaning White people are the minority, yet Black people are still discussed as the minority which they are not. And Cantrell voiced concerns about losing the racial makeup in New Orleans.

“If we don’t pay attention and be careful, in the next 15 years, we will not be the majority in this city,” Cantrell told the Tribune.

It’s sad that Black people still vote mostly along racial lines when they demand equality yet prefer separation per their voting. It’s hypocritical. And considering the city has been run by Democrat politicians forever, and since 1970 the administration began a major shift to being run by Black people, perhaps the Black community in New Orleans needs to take another approach because clearly it has not worked in their favor for the past 50 years.

Cantrell seems obsessed with race. She mentions Black New Orleanians, African-Americans, Black folk, Black folks, majority Black people, Black community, and White community. Cantrell is yet another politician furthering the racial divide in New Orleans, one that exists much more in discussion than it does in day-to-day life in the Big Easy.

When talking about the three millages that were rejected by voters in November, Cantrell said, “What I do is I look at the numbers. It is very important we do that. When you look at who voted for it, the majority of African-Americans did. When you look at who stood to gain the most, it is African-Americans in this community. So you had a shift where Black folk didn’t turn out like we thought they would have based on the polling, based on the outreach and all that. And then you had something contentious on there with the library. So, turnout was low. Black folks voted for it. The White community did not, and what that means to me is that Black folk really need to stand up (for the things that their communities need).”

So with a majority in the city, and New Orleans being home to many many White liberals and White liberal transplants, the delusional mayor frames White people as the big, bad boogeyman.

Cantrell is a poor leader. She berates her bosses, the citizens of New Orleans, making threats and talking down to people like they are children.

The article closes with a quote from Cantrell saying, “If I remain consistent like I have been over the last two and half years, I will definitely make sure I leave the city better off than how I found it.”

She either lies to herself or is ignorantly delusional if she thinks she is consistent. All one has to do is look at the varying reactions she had to the BLM protests verses a Christian concert to see her double standard. Or look at the inconsistency in her handling of athletics. The city reverted to Phase 1 in early January yet she allowed the New Orleans Saints to play a home football game when she clearly said in a public spectacle, before the 2020 football season, that Phase 2 said no contact sports.

The first week of January 2021 involved a massive protest in Washington, D.C. After the Trump rally, people entered Congress to protest the fact the United States Congress was bulldozing the 2020 presidential election which was widely interfered with, and proven election meddling in dozens of accounts all on platforms outside of the entertainment news industry. That was on Wednesday, January 6th. On Friday, January 8th, reported “Violent Friday in New Orleans: Shootings leave 1 dead, 7 wounded; 2 teenage boys among the injured.” Any random night in New Orleans can be as violent or more violent than a “right wing uprising” in the nation’s capitol.

Another recent gaffe was a failure to communicate. Cantrell cancelled Mardi Gras through the city’s website before notifying the captains of the carnival krewes that run the parades. These organizations and their members independently finance the city’s largest celebration, an annual one, and Cantrell did not extend the basic courtesy of communicating the cancellation of Mardi Gras parades to the groups first.


LaToya Cantrell has an immense ego. She posted pictures of her at what appears to be a shrine to none other than LaToya Cantrell. She’s lighting a candle with her own picture on it. Her nickname is LaToya the DeStroya. And while “go” drinks were outlawed, Cantrell somehow has continued to operate drunk on her own authority.

New Orleans lost its place as the once queen city of the South long ago, and still, the city is worse now than it has been in decades. The quality of life is alarming. The city feels lawless as it is overrun with crime of all types. New Orleans is in a low place—economically, culturally, and morally. The city is a one-party wasteland. Dissenters are bullied and not allowed to live in peace. Businesses have struggled and the impacts are far reaching. The trickle down economy flows wide.

The biggest issue may be the facts not told by the Cantrell administration, as well as the local “news.” Stats are frequently thrown in the face of anyone who is not ready to quit their job or shut down their business for the sake of the community and Covid-19. The most important statistic is the Covid death toll in Orleans Parish. This figure first off should be noted as “alleged” Covid deaths. The number of positive cases is referred to by as “presumptive positive” and some qualification should be put on the claimed death figure too. As of Monday, January 11th, Orleans Parish or the City of New Orleans claimed 644 people have died from Covid-19 since March 2020, per That means all the businesses that are forced to operate at government mandated capacities are doing so for .001873 of the April 2020 population of 343,828 per the Census Bureau. That’s .18 of a percent. Almost half of the deaths occurred before June. Meanwhile and the political powers both in Louisiana and New Orleans trumpet the presumptive positive case figure, they almost always exclude the deaths in New Orleans because that number is so low one would have to be insane to shut down a major city and wreck people’s lives over it.

LaToya Cantrell has shut down the city, for nearly a year, based on 5% of 1% of the population. Bars and restaurants are scraping by, and Cantrell cut off their to-go alcohol orders. The businesses that directly support carnival season are crippled. She claims she will implement a $500 fine for not wearing a mask. And the parked photo camera vehicles have been on the streets since March 2020. So while the citizens of New Orleans are at a difficult phase in their life, the city keeps coming at its people. Another nickname could be LaTyrant.

The number of people reported murdered in New Orleans in the year 2020 was 202 according to the NOPD. The violent crime in New Orleans claimed the lives of a similar percentage of the population that Covid took in 2020, and Cantrell and city leaders are not discussing shutting down the city for safety’s sake.

Cantrell is up for reelection later this year, on Oct. 9, 2021. If the alcohol and service industry owners had any sense they would be full-on vetting candidates to oppose LaTyrant. They likely will not.

Let’s continue on to the taxes recently voted down in Orleans Parish. Cantrell warned voters that if they didn’t approve the millages, the city would have to lay off employees. Voters shot down her taxes. And while so many Orleanians have no income or less income from the regulations placed upon them, LaToya Cantrell collects her full pay check. As do the City Council and all the other city employees. The politicians are the elitists of America. Rules apply to the people, but not to them. The private sector has to earn income, their personal income is not taken from people at the threat of imprisonment. Every purchase involves skimming money to support the government overlords. The people struggle, but government exists without suffering the same consequences they force on the private sector.

To sum it up, a media outlet heaped praise on a race-baiting, egotistical, micro-dictator with priorities so misaligned that it should cause revolution in New Orleans. She makes rules for others while exempting not only herself but all of the city government from them. She’s divisive, unprofessional, and a mental light-weight. LaToya Cantrell is the person who helped ruin New Orleans the most in 2020. No other singular individual (or virus) can claim that role—it belongs singularly to mayor LaToya “the DeStroya” Cantrell.



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