GURVICH: Post January 6, Where Do We Go From Here?

The violent scenes in the Capitol on January 6th should be disturbing to all Americans. Certainly, the deaths of five of our fellow citizens should give us added cause to reflect on the fragile state of our Republic. Or at least that is what we should be doing, although the Left apparently has other ideas.

So what has happened in the few days since these events transpired? Most of the major media continues to spin the President’s call for a march on the Capitol as a call for armed insurrection. The President’s Facebook account has been shut down, even as Twitter censors continue to insist, in perfect Orwellian doublethink, that his account was “permanently suspended”.

Sunday night, Apple banned the right-leaning Parler, one of the fastest growing social networking apps on the planet, from its platform on iPhones. Google had already brazenly suspended Parler from its Play Store without so much as a warning, and a Republican Senator’s eagerly anticipated book deal was suddenly canceled. But the most important development by far, and the one you should be carefully following, is the media’s constant denunciation of conservatives as traitors.

Now in truth the President never called for violent insurrection, and his call for a march on the Capitol most certainly did not anticipate a breach of the Capitol’s security and the violence that followed. That was the work of a few dozen bad actors aided and abetted by incompetence on the part of the senior command staff of the Capitol Police, which apparently ignored repeated warnings and offers of support from other law enforcement agencies.

And the marchers themselves? Aside from the aforementioned bad actors, the great majority simply showed up at the Capitol to show their support for the President. Let us not forget that conservatives as a group continue to be the staunchest supporters of the Republic, because unlike our opponents we still believe in the principles upon which it was founded.

All the while the press has continued to overlook the Left’s long denunciation of our country and its founding ideals, while justifying the months’ long nationwide rampage which has resulted in hundreds of injuries and dozens of deaths in scores of cities. Yet in a few short days the Left will take over the  country’s levers of government lock, stock, and barrel.  The Presidency, both houses of Congress, the bureaucracy, indeed every major locus of national power but the Supreme Court, will soon be controlled by the Democrats.

There should be no doubt whatsoever that the Left will continue to use the events of January 6th to maximum effect. There will be no serious effort at national reconciliation, only the constant drumbeat of increasingly hateful attacks on conservatism and the outright demonization of prominent Republicans as traitors.

The Democrats will now slavishly enact the largest tax increase in American history, knowing full well that this would be the worst possible action to take in an economy struggling to emerge from a severe, pandemic-caused recession. They know this, but their ideology demands that such action be taken because the memory of Donald Trump’s vibrant economy and his tax reduction act must be erased from our history.

Even worse, the most dangerous ideas of the far Left will now be trotted out and likely voted upon, including statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico (although Puerto Ricans would be fools to take us up on the offer), and packing the Supreme Court beyond its nine traditional seats with left-wing political hacks. Trillions of dollars will be waisted on subsidies for the Democrats’ pet projects, money we can ill-afford to waste as we enter a period of global rivalry with China. Worst of all, the future of American democracy is now deeply in doubt, as legitimate elections have become impossible to conduct in several deep blue (and even a few battleground) states.

So what are conservatives to do? Where do we go from here?

First of all, we cannot simply do “nothing.” As citizens of a free republic, we are not granted the privilege to disengage from our politics. We have not only a political duty as citizens to remain involved, but a moral obligation to our forbears and our successors to do everything we can to sustain this Republic. In the words of Ronald Reagan, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,” although in hindsight his one generation time-line may have been overly optimistic.


Now is surely not the time for disheartened conservatives to fall away from our movement. Do you not recall that until a short while ago we were clearly winning the battle for the hearts, minds, and pocketbooks of Americans? It took a once in a century pandemic to disrupt an economy which was the envy of the world, and a Democrat Party and bootlicking press so morally unhinged that they did not hesitate for a moment to use the pandemic to undermine the integrity of our election laws. Only then was the President defeated, and barely so.

So if indeed we must do something, what is it that we must we do? The clear answer is that we must keep fighting the good fight for our conservative principles. Rather than fall away, dispirited, we must redouble our efforts, and recruit the ever increasing numbers of like-minded Americans to our cause. Let us never forget that this fight is for the very soul of our nation, and we dare not fail.

We must oppose the emerging Democrat agenda with renewed vigor at every turn. There must be no compromise with those who put self-interest and Marxist ideology before country. As their true political positions emerge into the light of day and Americans’ eyes open to the reality of socialist-progressive orthodoxy, so must we take every opportunity to call the Democrats out for their deception during the election.

As for the Left’s call for retribution against Republicans, the tens of millions of the President’s social media followers and conservatives using Parler may want to consider their own economic retribution against the social media giants attempting to effectively quash their freedom of speech.

As for the Republican Party itself, we must have unity in our ranks as we move forward. The continuing attacks by some Republicans on the President and his supporters serve no purpose and will soon be moot anyway. Only the Democrats benefit when divisions emerge within our ranks, and we have many battles to fight, starting in the next several days.

If we were in the ascendant a few short months ago, surely we can emerge victorious against the corrupt and incompetent regime which Joe Biden will shortly inflict upon the country.

Let our comeback begin right here, right now.



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