The Cancel Culture Is Making Groceries At Rouse’s

There were lots of people in Washington on Wednesday. We would be willing to say that by sheer numbers of people that was a lot larger event than any of the “mostly peaceful” protests the Left put on last summer to push the Antifa/Black Lives Matter narrative they cooked up following the death of George Floyd. That’s why, while few dispute that storming the Capitol and interrupting Republican attempts to officially protest the theft of the 2020 election was a bad idea which tarred the lawful protest, it’s so important for the political and media elite to cancel Jan. 6.

And it’s why you’re starting to see attempts to cancel and scrub it from history. Facebook announced yesterday that they were going to start censoring photos and video of the protest. There are three reasons why, we think. First, Mark Zuckerberg and his allies in the Democrat Party don’t want America to know how many people were actually in Washington. The sheer size of that crowd scares the hell out of the Left.

Second, they don’t want the public to have access to photos and video of the people who stormed the Capitol, because the public has gotten pretty good at crowdsourcing things like that to identify who those folks were and they’re going to smoke out how many Antifa and BLM people salted the crowd storming the place. That isn’t to suggest the whole mob of people who broke into the building were Antifa agents provocateur; that’s not how it works. All it takes is a few instigators to provoke an angry mob into doing something stupid and terrible. But when those people are identified and made famous, they’re burned. Facebook is trying to protect them.

The third reason is this video, which you shouldn’t watch unless you’re prepared for it. It shows a Capitol Police officer gunning down protester Ashli Babbit in a corridor, and it’s difficult to accept.

Deliberate and intentional

That video, which we’re including as a link to a new tab rather than embedding in this post so folks don’t stumble on it by accident, is one of the worst things you’ll see. It’s far worse than video of the deaths of Rashard Brooks, Alton Sterling, or George Floyd which touched off riots all over America. Not only is it not an accident that the cop shoots somebody, it looks an awful lot like he picked out the only female among the people trying to push open the door the police have barricaded shut, and then went for a head shot.

Which makes this ten times worse than those other deaths, which came in the context of resisting arrests for crimes committed against other members of the community rather than a political protest, regardless of how misguided. That there is a racial element to the Ashli Babbit shooting, as that Capitol Police officer is pretty clearly African American, is even less helpful.

It’s the kind of thing which makes a movement – the kind of movement Mark Zuckerberg and his pals definitely don’t want to see. So they’re clamping down, and a digital iron curtain is coming down not just over Jan. 6 but everyone involved in it.

Starting with the President, who is now banned from both Facebook and Twitter, and extending everywhere.


Including here in Louisiana, where a South Louisiana grocery magnate now faces the Left’s cancel culture in its most virulent form.

After calls to boycott Louisiana-based Rouses Markets began circulating online Thursday morning, co-owner Donald Rouse Sr. released a statement this afternoon about his experience attending Wednesday’s rally in Washington, D.C., saying he left before “the violence began.”

“I attended the rally yesterday as a supporter of the president and to be in our nation’s capital at the close of his presidency,” says Rouse in the statement. “I left before the violence began and was shocked and saddened to see it unfold on TV. I condemn the actions of those who unlawfully entered and damaged our hallowed institutions and threatened our public servants. Violence and destruction do not represent our country’s values, or the values of Rouses.”

Photos began circulating last night of Rouse among the crowd in Washington, D.C., protesting the presidential election results, prior to a mob rushing the Capitol. The photos were originally posted on Facebook by Steven Galtier, former Rouses HR director, who described the two men as being among “millions of patriots.”

While Rouse said in the statement that he left the rally before the violence, in comments underneath the photos, Galtier wrote that he and Rouse spoke to a few who “got in” the Capitol building, denying that the ones who broke into the building were “antifa dressed like Patriots.

Galtier did not respond to requests for comment before this afternoon’s deadline, and removed the Facebook post sometime last night.

While noting he was no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of Rouses, Rouse said he knew his actions reflected on his family, Rouses Markets and the local community.

“I’m horrified by the violence and destruction we saw yesterday and the pain it has caused so many,” Rouse says. “Our country needs to come together to heal and I will do everything I can to be a part of that process.”

So Donald Rouse, who understands the 2020 election was stolen from its rightful winner through widespread violations of state election laws and provable fraud, and who understands that through the ineffectiveness of the Trump legal team or the cowardice and corruption of state legislatures and courts, and certainly the media, a fair shake and access to the truth was not afforded the American people, decides to join hundreds of thousands of his fellow Americans in attending what was intended to be a very loud but peaceful protest, which is his right as an American, and he commits no crime while there.

And for this sin the Left – including the usual suspects like Lamar White and Dylan Waguespack – demands that the public cancel Rouse’s grocery chain with boycotts, so much so that Donald Rouse has to put out an apologetic statement explaining himself, because if he doesn’t the company will face losses and employees could lose their jobs due to store closings or layoffs.

Welcome to 2021 America. This is the new cancel culture, where your legitimate freedom of speech is forfeit if you intend to do business.

And these people think that to cancel a Donald Rouse or a Donald Trump will do anything other than make things worse and create more unrest. It’s nuts.

Here was Tucker Carlson Wednesday night. He was spot on.



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