CAP BLACK: When Urban Safety and Youth Identity are Colonized

Liberal colonizers, as I call their prime movers, are devoted to narrative above all else. A twelve year old was murdered this Memorial Day weekend. Five men were just caught on security camera breaking into 40 vehicles in less than four hours. Officers responding to a domestic call exchanged fire with the accused suspect.

This is merely a few days’ worth of incidents in an out-of-control city whose safety and identity of numerous youth have been colonized by nihilistic liberalism. A version so vicious that it took pandemic shutdowns and restrictions, now lifted, to quell carnage.

Liberal colonizers don’t even blink at such chaos. They ignore pleas from lower-level leftists going off code to demand more police and arrests of those this ideology has politically enabled to rob, steal, injure and kill as perverse lifestyle.

Colonial overlords in their think tanks, non-profits and government offices only want to be “right” in their minds and ignore the price colonists pay.

Our city has an election coming up and a leery, Left of Center electorate whose real safety concerns can’t be glossed over by psychobabble about adolescent brain development and not sending career violent criminals to prison (unless they commit murder and even then it’s still “wrong” to do so).

The mayor and city council, all Democrats, like most crime victims, have to explain why this orgy of destruction they’ve been ideologically blocked from combating is somehow sufficient proof to justify reelection or election to higher council posts.

Twin inhibitors of an outdated federal consent decree and city council mandates have left NOPD in a hapless position of not arresting known trouble makers and being blamed when more havoc makes viral headlines.

Colonized criminals take full advantage of official mass incarceration phobia and we see the daily results. They aren’t grateful and obedient for endless opportunities to steal and assault, no matter how much liberal colonizers pretend otherwise.

There is no “fixing” people whose egos feast off of misery. Not removing them from the general public has severely negative consequences.

I’ll be very interested to see explanations office holders offer because short of decolonizing localĀ  urban safety and youth identity, anything less is irrelevant.

I’d gladly help them because it’s not a matter of changing ideology- it’s past time to change tactics.

Cap Black.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black. Autonomy, Liberty/Liberation Commentator.
*Writer* *Supreme Organizer, Cap Club Homeless Outreach: Subway Gift Cards and Other Food Items* *Grassroots Security Consultant*
New Orleans, Louisiana.
504 214 3082

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