What a week the past few days have been. A week ago, I wasn’t thinking about AOC, today I am ready to proclaim my unending love of her.

Yes, I said it, I have fallen in love with AOC. She cast her spell on me.

No, the surgery didn’t wreck my brain and no, I’m not jumping on the Biden putt-putt train. Don’t get me wrong, the only proposal I’ll be making to AOC is that we have one of those long-distance relationships where I live in Capitalist America and she can live in one of those socialist paradises like Russia, China, or North Korea.

This is a love story that is worth being told. Err, explained.

It begins with PendeJoe Biden in Poland. I suppose he was mad at Kamala for not making enough gaffes that he had to go there to follow up and run-up the gaffe scoreboard. I really have no explanation for what I witnessed. I could say these exact words today:

“The Democrats have become a party that won’t take care of the simple things, thinks everything has to be a drama, and has become a comedy of errors to the rest of the world. As Lord Vader would say about Biden the farce is strong with this one.

And to the American people, this isn’t a hit show. More like a horror show.”

Yes, I could say those exact words today, but then I’d just be plagiarizing one of my own articles from four months ago

During the second half of last year, we made several articles warning you which direction we were going and how this was going to end. We warned you that Pendejoe was heading to war due to incompetence. Specifically talking about Russia and Ukraine back in December. We explained that the world is becoming a dangerous place because the incompetence in the White House is leaving the world with a leaderless superpower, and what a powder keg it will become if it doesn’t change.

The problem is, the White House is so convinced of their own intelligence that they are still full steam ahead in their stupidity. Where things are working, they fix, and that which is broken they take a sledgehammer to. They won’t make any adjustments to their policies for the better, incapable of admitting they could be wrong on something, anything. It is the recipe for disaster and they stay convinced it’s their keys to success.

Pendejoe is always the first to take credit, even taking all the credit for the successes in the Obama administration while shedding any responsibility of even the slightest failure off onto other people. We’ve heard excuses after excuses, “inherited from the previous administration,” “Putin’s Price Hike,” and blaming industry greed. It is during his administration alone over the last 40 years, and barely into the second year at that, that inflation skyrocketed. He still insists on taking credit for all that is well with the economy, while his policies continue to shred Democrats mid-term hopes.

He still clings to COVID, dramatizing his 2nd booster shot while removing the restriction that allows COVID-positive immigrants to be sent back across the border. It’s not the only confusing message this administration put out. Biden’s trip to Poland was a gaffe-a-thon, which Pendejoe meant what he said but never said what he said because we heard it wrong. Again, the problem wasn’t him, he was perfect, the problem was with everybody else who didn’t understand that he wasn’t calling for regime change. An administration incapable of admitting that it can be the slightest bit wrong. It’s a recipe for disaster.


And dare we leave off that the media has finally started to admit that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real. The Main Stream Media has really found themselves a conundrum by spending the months leading up to the election actively blocking this story to protect Pendejoe’s election chances. A media who served as obedient lapdogs to the Democrat party now scouring to salvage their credibility and a political party about to suffer additional consequences for that which they chose to ignore.

Six months from now, we’ll be looking back at today and saying that was the good old days of Biden’s administration just as we now look back at 6 months ago wishing for those good old days. As the midterms approaches this comedy becomes increasingly enjoyable for those of us wishing ill-will on the Democrats election fortunes.

As I laid in recovery watching this all transpire, I found myself becoming a Pendejoe cheerleader, wanting him to continue the path of destroying his own party for years to come. What more could one ask for? Weakness on the world stage despite his smack talk, clueless on economic factors, despite his insistence he knows none of it is his fault. It’s much simpler to list the zillion failures of this administration because searching for his success is like finding a needle in a haystack. Please God, don’t let this comedy routine stop until the mid-terms.

And then she walked in.

A spoiled rich girl who once had a real-person job. She spent her childhood as an upperclass gueda yet believes she represents Latinos. So spoiled, she expects you to pay for her college debt despite her ability to do so with her congressional salary. Spoiled and entitled rich kid. She could rely on the taxpayer money. Yes, I am talking about AOC, or as from here on out, I shall refer to her as PendejA Oh Si.  If the Biden administration dared think they should at least attempt to salvage the Democrat party, in walks Pendeja Oh Si to demand Biden deliver the final devastating blows to the Democrat party. In an instant, I became a PendejA Oh Si fan. Keep up the tremendous work AOC. I might even donate.

Ok, that’s a bridge too far.

I can’t help it now, I’m cheering them on in their quest for the greatest political disaster. How low can they go? Can they break the 20s? Can their approval rating drop down into the teens? Just what percentage of the American population will be smarter than they are? The worse things get, the more people will become informed, and both Pendejos are forcing the people to get educated. Keep it up, Pendejoe, and you keep fighting, PendejA.



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