BLANCO: Be Ready For The Gas Price Correction To Come

Last week we told you that record gas prices are here and asked if you were ready. A couple of days later a quick view of the internet told us, most people weren’t ready, nor were they even expecting it. Now we’ll make another bold prediction, you’ll see a correction in gas prices at the pump in the next couple of days. In Louisiana, I expect gas prices to drop down between $3.60-$3.90 a gallon. Our suggestion buy what you need and hold out until the gas prices decrease during this week.

While I do like to dazzle you with my Claire Voy’s Aunt skills, the truth of the matter is, I pay attention to RBOB gas prices. As such, seeing the sudden decline at the end of the week and seeing it hold through Sunday night means this will be reflected at the gas pump.

This is looking like the settling price that will take us into summer, with the possibility of another increase going into Memorial Day weekend. In other words, the doom and gloom predictions of 7-10 dollars a gallon of gas most likely won’t occur. Looking into the future, gas should fall about 30-40 cents and stay there for the time being, increasing around Memorial day to the summer price.

The one thing that I am waiting for is the steep and continuous decline in gas prices. I don’t believe our economy can sustain $4.00/gallon gas prices. There isn’t a magic number here, whether it’s $3.90 or $4.10 a gallon, it’s simply taking too much money out of people’s pockets and it will tear down the economy. What we heard on Wednesday wasn’t people being concerned about what the price of gas was doing to their neighbor, we heard what gas prices were doing to their personal budgets, and it’s affecting a lot of personal budgets.

Democrats won’t understand this because they think they are the smartest human beings on the planet and therefor incapable of making bad decisions, but it works much like raising taxes too much. When too many dollars are pulled out of the budget of the middle class, they have fewer dollars to spend stimulating the economy. It matters a lot to keep the middle class flourishing enough that they have disposable income. For years, the Democrat party could rely on moderate Democrats to guard against losing the middle class. That moderate base continues to evaporate in favor of extremely spoiled activist who are obsessed with their elitist problems. They are simply out of touch with the common ordinary run of the mill citizen.

Here’s just a short list of major problems facing Americans and you decide, which is a common problem, and which is an spoiled elitist problem.


  • Transgenderism
  • American Soldiers dying in Afghanistan
  • Green Energy
  • Gas in tank
  • January 6
  • Violent Crime in cities
  • Parents involvement in schools
  • Teachers safety from covid
  • Inflation
  • Do we have enough Jeni’s Ice Cream

The Democrat party has positioned themselves so far out of touch with the common everyday person that any disagreement with their elitist views is greeted with accusations of being something Trump.  The reality is, most people are under a budget crunch now and the longer these gas prices stay up, the more damage it’s doing to the economy. Democrats completely oblivious to what it’s doing to the average American go on with “don’t blame us”- blame other things. Their explanations only satisfy the moment, but ignore the much bigger problem brewing. Last summer they called inflation transitory and cited unnamed “economists” that agreed with them. Clearly none of those economist wanted to go on the record then and be so wrong about such an important subject.

Here were are still dealing with inflation, gas prices reaching a new all time high, and the only answers the Left have is to call it “Putin’s Price Hike” and to tell consumers “just go buy an EV.”

The average person understands that if they went to their boss with so many excuses and blamed other people as much, they’d soon be fired from their own jobs. When those people are coming home trying to figure out how to cut back on in house spending, going out to eat less, and driving less, only to turn on media and see elitists feigning understanding of what they are going through while offering stupid solutions, you’re going to get a very angry electorate. Does anybody really believe gas prices are due to “Putin’s Price Hike”? Does anybody really believe Putin would be invading Ukraine if America had a stronger leader in the Whitehouse? Or if the Whitehouse wasn’t taking such an anti-energy approach within our borders?

The one thing brewing out there is the economy, and at this point there is nothing the Democrats can do to stop it. They’ve neglected the economy long enough, favoring an obsession over January 6 protests, parents speaking out about their own children’s education, ignoring border security and violent criminals. Too much money is now being drained out of the pockets of the middle class and those cutbacks will have a huge negative impact on our economy. When the Democrats go back home during the summer, they may just get themselves a dose of the Lovin’ Spoonful and find that no matter where they are campaigning, it’s a hot town, this summer in the city. They might as well stay in Washington D.C. and New York City and raise money off the uber wealthy.




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