Now Is When Clay Schexnayder Learns Why You Don’t Do Deals With Democrats

Yesterday, a special session at the Louisiana legislature opened which in a reasonable world would have simply gaveled in and gaveled out. The session, demanded by Louisiana’s lame-duck Democrat governor John Bel Edwards in cahoots with Obama-appointed partisan Democrat federal judge Shelly Dick, is supposed to do one thing – replace the congressional map already passed earlier this year by Louisiana’s legislature with a veto-proof majority with one that could barely get 35 percent of the legislators – only Democrats, nobody else – to agree to it.

That’s what Dick and Edwards are demanding, and it’s what Louisiana’s Legislative Black Caucus is demanding. And yesterday they weren’t polite about it.

If you want our interpretation of all that falderol yesterday, it’s this: Dick, Edwards and the Black Caucus insist that the Louisiana Legislature cannot resist the judge’s order to draw a second safe Democrat congressional district in Louisiana (which is all this is; they can say it’s about a majority-black district but they’re only saying that because black voters in Louisiana are overwhelmingly Democrat voters) without violating the Constitution.

That’s a totally ridiculous position, by the way. Louisiana went 10 years with a 5-1 congressional district split after the 2011 redistricting map, and even the Eric Holder Justice Department didn’t say it was unconstitutional. Now, all of a sudden Shelly Dick takes a more radical-left position than even Holder took, and everyone is supposed to hop to.

All the while being chastised as a bunch of racists by the braying hyenas of Louisiana’s Legislative Black Caucus as they throw a fit over the idea that Republicans might bring a 5-1 congressional map which is a little more compact than the previous one which passed as an alternative to Royce Duplessis’ Rorschach test map.

And Dick’s ruling is currently under appeal!

The demand here is that the Legislature castrate itself with a rusty knife. Why anyone would agree to that is a really interesting question.

Though this morning, Dick decided to impose some max pressure on Schexnayder and Cortez as she summoned them into her courtroom for a hearing on the question of whether it’s realistic for the Legislature to pass a 4-2 map per her demands by June 20…

Louisiana Middle District U.S. Judge Shelly Dick on Thursday denied a motion to give the Legislature more time to draw a new congressional map with a second Black district, calling the effort by House Speaker Clay Schexnayder “disingenuous” and “insincere.”

Schexnayder and Senate President Page Cortez had asked Dick to extend her June 20 deadline for a new map until at least June 30, arguing time was too short to get it done by the time an ongoing Special Session ends June 20.

The judge also ordered attorneys on both sides of the court case to each submit a map to her that she will use to draw her own map if the Legislature doesn’t meet Dick’s deadline.

Dick ruled on June 6 that the map passed in February by a super majority of the Legislature violates the Voting Rights Act because it doesn’t add a second Black district among Louisiana’s six congressional seats despite an increase in Black population.

There is zero reason Dick couldn’t have granted that extension. Zero. Those 10 days don’t negatively affect anything. And the Fifth Circuit won’t hear the appeal of the ruling until July 8, after which is when the Legislature really should be planning a special session if it even needs to.

What this is all about is an attempt by Dick, Edwards, the Black Caucus and the Democrat machine in Louisiana to achieve through pressure and subterfuge what they can’t achieve through public support or the ballot. They’re trying to get Schexnayder and Cortez to fold and pass a 4-2 map (which Republicans in both bodies will not give a majority for, because any Republican who votes for a 4-2 map is declaring an end to his or her political career) before the appeal is heard, because if they do that and Edwards signs it, the appeal will be moot.


It isn’t all that complicated. It’s brazen and utterly dishonest, but if you’ve been paying attention you could see this coming a mile away.

Schexnayder, who cut a deal with the Black Caucus to make himself Speaker three years ago, should have known it would come to this. And he should have known that power achieved in such a way is not legitimate.

Dick threatened to hold him in contempt this morning if he didn’t go and pass the 4-2 map. Will she hold all the Republicans who vote against it in contempt as well?

Never cut deals with Democrats. They’re the enemies of the Constitution and the American way of life. They’ll use every ruse, and especially race, to achieve power. There isn’t an ounce of good faith in that entire party.

Lie down with dogs and suffer the fleas. Schexnayder is getting the education he missed in high school, at the expense of Louisiana’s voters.



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