A Clearinghouse Of Links On Jindal’s Education Reform Package

For folks who haven’t had a chance to follow all of the coverage, we thought we’d give the folks a central location from which to find all the stories on the progress of the education reform bills.


Thursday, March 15

What Do Dems Do When They Lose In The Democratic Process? Part Deux: They SueTom Bonnette, March 15

What Do Dems Do When They Lose In The Democratic Process?…Flip The Governor Off And Recall HimTom Bonnette, March 15

Senate Passes Jindal’s School Choice Bill Out Of Committee – MacAoidh, March 15

Life In A Petri Dish – Sarge, March 15

The Halls Were Full Of Teachers… – Jim Beam, March 15

Jindal’s Education Package: The State Of Things – MacAoidh, March 15

Mary Landrieu’s Illusions Of Grandeur – Stephen Walton, March 15

Wednesday, March 14

Of Course It’s All About The Kids—What, Are You As Retarded As Our Governor? Tom Bonnette, March 14

It’s Wisconsin Day At The State Legislature – MacAoidh, March 14

A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words – Oscar, March 14

VITTER: Protesting Public School Teachers Place Own Interest Above Kids – Sen. David Vitter, March 14

From The Education Committee, So Far – MacAoidh, March 14

More Pics From The Capitol Today… – Oscar, March 14

VIDEO: Jindal’s Testimony In Front Of The House Education Committee On The Reform Package – MacAoidh, March 14

12-6 – MacAoidh, March 14

Tuesday, March 13

East Baton Rouge Parish School System Proves It Couldn’t Give A Crap About The Kids In It – MacAoidh, March 13

Monday, March 12 and earlier…

Study Shows Louisiana Students Can Benefit from More School Choice – Jacob Luneau, March 8

How Will The Legislators Line Up? – Jim Beam, March 11

On Education, It’s Time To Clean Up The Mess – Rep. Steve Carter, March 12

Here’s A First – The Dems Will Respond To Jindal’s Speech Today – MacAoidh, March 12

VIDEO: Jindal’s State Of The State Speech At The Louisiana Legislature – MacAoidh, March 12




Gov. Jindal’s education reforms need deliberation by legislators: An editorial – March 16

Bobby Jindal education bills whisk through Louisiana Senate panel – March 15

Lawmaker removed as vice chairman of committee over anti-Jindal vote – March 15

Today at the Capitol: Education bills keep moving along – March 15

Bogalusa lawmaker says he lost leadership post for voting against Gov. Jindal – March 15

Education, jobs top Louisiana voters’ priorities, according to poll – March 15

House panel approves teacher tenure, pay changes to end 16-hour hearing – March 15

Louisiana House panel clears school charter, voucher bill as teachers pack Capitol – March 14

Louisiana teachers wait hours to testify inside Capitol – March 14

House hearings on Gov. Jindal’s education ideas: Live updates (concluded) – March 14

Gov. Jindal moving too fast on education bills, Sen. Landrieu says – March 14

Today at the Capitol: Jindal education slate draws huge crowd, promises long debate – March 14

Boss Jindal gearing up to battle state workers: John Maginnis – March 14

Today at the Capitol: Jindal’s education package takes center stage – March 14

Teachers rallying, instead of teaching, is not very professional: An editorial – March 14

Tuition-donation bill easily clears Louisiana House committee – March 13

Bobby Jindal school voucher plan worries watchdog group – March 13

Louisiana teachers to flood Capitol for debate on Jindal education bills – March 13

Baton Rouge Advocate

Ritchie: Ouster was payback for vote – March 16

Education bills advance through Senate committee – March 16

Educators Protest Treatment Of SchoolteachersMarch 16

House committee hears public schools revamp – March 15

Ritchie booted from position – March 15

EBR schools closed; many teachers plan to lobby – March 14

Our Views: Adults fight; kids suffer – March 14

Other Newspapers

Real Jindal Shows FaceMonroe News-Star, March 16

Boards, lawmakers upset over tax transferLafayette Advertiser, March 16

Panel approves voucher, charter school expansionLafayette Advertiser, March 15

Analysis: Cram sessions mar La. education debateLafayette Advertiser, March 15

Senate panel approves Jindal-backed tenure bill – Lafayette Advertiser, March 15

Vouchers advance after lengthy debate  – Houma Courier, March 15

Lafayette teachers join protest – Lafayette Advertiser, March 15

Teachers, school employee descend on Capitol as Senate panel holds hearing – Lake Charles American Press, March 15

NEW VIDEO: St. Martin teachers at education rally – Lafayette Advertiser, March 15

 Parents give feedback on educators’ rallies – Lafayette Advertiser, March 15

Jindal pushes school reforms – Monroe News-Star, March 14

Educators feeling shut out – Monroe News-Star, March 14

Educators, lawmakers complain of treatment – Monroe News-Star, March 14

Lawmakers differ on Jindal proposals – Houma Courier, March 13

Radio/TV Stations

Teachers Fight Governor’s Education Reform Proposal – WDSU-TV, March 15

Teachers Ditch Classroom To Protest – WDSU-TV, March 15

Fight over teacher tenure continues in legislature – WWL-TV, March 15

Senate committee takes up education reform – WAFB-TV, March 15

Despite protests, Jindal’s education revamp approved by House panel – WWL-TV, March 15

Blogs And National Sites

Inanities, Hypocrisy Mark Opposition To Education Reform – Jeff Sadow, March 15

BREATHLESS LEFTIES: Louisiana Teachers Left Waiting Outside Capitol To Protest School Privatization – Daily Kos, March 15

Teacher protest closes schools in Louisiana – MSNBC, March 14



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